Haibike Launch 2018 Bosch and Yamaha Powered Electric Bike Range
Haibike Launch 2018 Bosch and Yamaha Powered Electric Bike Range

Haibike Launch 2018 Bosch and Yamaha Powered Electric Bike Range

This weekend we are in Schweinfurt, Germany for the official launch of Haibike MY18, the 2018 Haibike model year and the unveiling of some exciting new innovations for the world’s leading electric mountain bike brand.

Attended by more than five hundred dealers from around the world, we all crammed in to a large conference hall with an audio translator working very hard to keep up with the lengthy presenration – and the hosts bad jokes.

So, what’s new for 2018?

Goodbye SDURO and XDURO, hello SDURO and XDURO

Yes, you heard it. For 2018 these great models continue – but how the Haibike electric bike model range is carved up will change in the attempt to make it clearer and easier to understand.

Simply put, SDURO is ‘sporty’ and XDURO is ‘extreme’.


  • Sport/Full Suspension: FullSeven LT, LullLife LT / FullLife, FullSeven / FullNine
  • Sport Hardtail: HardSeven Carbon / HardNine Carbon, HardSeven / HardNine, HardLife, HardFour
  • Adventure: Cross, Trekking
  • S-Pedelecs: Trekking S


  • Advanced Offroad: Dwnhll, Nduro, AllMtn, FullSeven Carbon
  • Fat eBiikes: Full FatSix, FatSix
  • S-Pedelecs: Full Seven S, Trekking S

SDURO will span entry-level to premium. The models are typically for touring or adventure riding with a slightly more relaxed geometry, whilst XDURO is more aggressive, ready to race with prices more mid-range to premium. Both model ranges will be spanned by great eBike specifications and some cool new colour families. SDURO will be powered by Yamaha SE, Yamaha PW-X and Bosch CX motors, whilst XDURO will be powered by Yamaha PW-X and Bosch Performance CX motors.

Sadly it’s so early that we’ve not received the images of the 2018 Haibike ebike range yet – but we can tell you that the colours look great! We’ll share more as soon as we can!

Haibike 2018 model e-systems

New for 2018, Haibike will use the Yamaha PW-SE, sitting in between the Yamaha PW and Yamaha PW-X to power the mid-range bikes. Of note, the new Yamaha PW=SE system offers greater assistance at higher cadence when compared to the Yamaha PW so will be very exciting when spinning at a higher rpm, where previously a motor might have run out of steam.

We’ve already blogged about what’s happening in the Bosch range for 2018 but it seems Haibike have once again taken the bull by the horns and integrated the full range of features into some of their 2018 models, complete with the astonishing Bosch Performance CX and the new 2018 Bosch 500Wh PowerTube featuring at the higher end – not only drastically improving the look with the in-frame battery, but also keeping a nice low centre of gravity.

Modular Rail System

Alongside the super-slick in-frame batteries, a few models in the range will benefit from Haibike’s all-new ‘Modular Rail System’, offering options for The RangeExtender, The CarryPack, The RailLock, an ABUS-built integrated locking system and a really nice water bottle.

2018 Haibike Availability

Here at Fully Charged, we’ll be stocking the complete Haibike range, with availability as early as October. Watch this space for more information regarding pre-orders, or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted!

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