How to Maintain Your Electric Bike
How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

At Fullycharged we pride ourselves on technical support.

No one leaves our showroom without a short lesson in bicycle maintenance and if there are ever any issues  with your bike, we have a high quality dedicated service centre with a qualified mechanic who has experience in building, modifying and maintaining electric bicycles. However, like any bicycle, regular maintenance goes a long way to prolonging the life of your bike and keeping it as a smooth ride the whole time. People wrongly presume that because there are electrics involved the upkeep must be more difficult. There are a number of different things that every electric bike owner can do to maintain their eBike.

Here are some very simple guidelines for any electric bicycle owner to follow to keep you out on the road and enjoying your electric bike:

The Basics

  • Keep your bicycle clean. Ideally after every ride get into the habit of wiping off any dirt that may get into important components.
  • But don’t use a high pressure hose. There are a number of delicate components on an electric bicycle. More to the point water will get into places where you don’t want it and cause corrosion. It will also wash off important lubricants from joints.
  • Always re apply oil to your chain after cleaning. A good chain oil will go a long way and for best results use wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer.
  • Always check tyre pressure before riding. Correct pressure values will be provided when buying your bike. Tyre pressure will have a big impact on battery economy if incorrect.

Motor and Battery Maintenance

  • All bikes bought at Fullycharged come with a two year warranty on the motor, battery and frame so if there was a major problem we would contact the manufacturer directly on your behalf.
  • We would warn you against attempting to fix any problems with your electric bike yourself. Most of the motors are fully enclosed and it is therefore not a simple task to even open them up.
  • If you are having problems with the electrics, one check you can do yourself is to make sure all electrical connectors are secure and the battery is correctly in place. A pothole could have dislodged a connection and this is a simple fix.
  • If you do decide to open up a part of the bike, we would recommend taking photos of what the components look like before doing any work so that you have something to reference when putting it back together.
  • Sometimes it is as simple as turning the bike off and on again!

To conclude, an electric bicycle should not require anymore maintenance than a normal push bike so long as you treat it correctly.

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