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HSD Duo Stand Gen3

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Tern Duo Stand


The Duo Stand is a robust double-leg kickstand designed specifically for the HSD. Its wide positioning offers added stability when loading and unloading the bicycle. With its durability and user-friendly design, the DuoStand is perfect for transporting heavy cargo or carrying a child.


This kickstand ensures that the HSD remains steady and secure while you load and unload heavy cargo or a child. Crafted from sturdy steel tubing, providing ample strength. Capable of supporting up to 60 kg, including the weight of the bike. Its wide stance enhances stability during use. Effortlessly operated, even when under a heavy load.


The Duo Stand has undergone EFBE testing to ensure reliability and strength, using a specialised testing protocol. Coated with a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring a long lifespan. 


*Only compatible with Tern HSD's.


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