An explanation of Gazelle’s electric bike range
An explanation of Gazelle’s electric bike range

An explanation of Gazelle’s electric bike range

Gazelle’s foray into eBikes blends a rich 135 year history of craftsmanship with modern innovation. Their electric bike range consistently reflects their commitment to comfort, quality, and diverse riding experiences.

The Avignon, Ultimate and Grenoble series are specific ranges of electric bikes from the Dutch manufacturer, designed to meet the varying needs and preferences of commuters and trekkers alike.

In this article we delve a bit deeper into the main differences between these Gazelle electric bike models, so you can make a more informed judgment as to what might be best placed for you.

Gazelle Avignon Series

Gazelle Avignon ebike

  • Gazelle Avignon: Designed for both city riders and road tourers, offering a comfortable step-through design and adjustable riding position.
  • Sturdy and Safe: Features an exceptionally stiff frame for a secure and safe riding experience.
  • The Gazelle Avignon C380 boasts Enviolo 380 shifting, Gates Carbon Belt Drive, Bosch Smart System with Bosch ConnectModule compatibility, and a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor with 75Nm of torque.
  • Enhanced Stability and Safety: Equipped with 2.5" wide tires, long wheelbase, front fork suspension, suspension seat post, adjustable handlebar stem, and integrated front light with daytime and night modes for added stability and safety.

Built for both the casual city rider and longer road tourer, the Gazelle Avignon is Gazelle’s newest electric bike to its line up. With great adjustability and a laid back riding position, this is a step-through electric bike that lets you cruise in style.The Gazelle Avignon is complemented by an exceptionally stiff and strong frame. When riding the bike you couldn’t feel safer and sturdier.

Its flagship model, the Gazelle Avignon C380 has the Enviolo 380 shifting system with a continuously variable transmission, and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. The all new Bosch Smart System allows for a whole host of current and future features, and can have the Bosch ConnectModule retrofitted for both GPS tracking and an alarm feature. An all new auto mode with the Gazelle Avignon let’s you ‘set it and forget it’, again designed for cruising.The Bosch Performance Line motor, with 75Nm of torque combines with a 625Wh or option of 500Wh battery for ample power and range.

Big 2.5” wide tyres add supreme stability and sturdiness to the bike. Combined with a long wheelbase, suspension on the front fork, suspension seat post and an adjustable handlebar stem, you feel safe and secure whilst out on the road. Lastly, a cool addition is the Avignon’s front light, neatly integrated into the mudguard, and comes with a daytime running mode, and night mode, for optimum safety.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated cruising bike, that’s comfortable, reliable and with high build quality, then the Gazelle Avignon is for you. Have a look at our range of Avignon bikes by following this link. 

Gazelle Ultimate

Gazelle Ultimate ebike

  • Gazelle Ultimate: Designed with a slightly sportier geometry compared to the Avignon.
  • Available in step-through or closed frame configurations with three different gearing and motor choices, ranging from C380 with Bosch Smart System to C8+ with Active Line motor.
  • All models come with a heavy-duty MIK HD rack, integrated lighting, adjustable handlebar stem, four-piston hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, and eBike-specific Schwalbe Energy Plus tires. New for 2023, the Ultimate C380 includes Suntour eBike-specific front suspension with optional lockout for a playful yet comfortable ride.

The Gazelle Ultimate is designed to give you that ultimate feeling of freedom. A slightly more sporty geometry than the Avignon, the Ultimate is a touring and sporty city bike all in one. As ever with all Gazelle products, comfort is really the end-goal for and Dutch Manufacturer, and so the Ultimate still gives you that typical upright position, but just a touch more sporty than the Avignon and Grenoble.

Coming in either a step-through or closed frame, the Ultimate has three differing gearing and motor options, ranging from the C380, complete with the Bosch Smart System and Enviolo CVT internal hub with stepless shifting, the C5 with the Performance Line motor and Shimano Nexus 5 speed and C8+, it’s entry level, with the Active Line motor, Shimano Nexus 8 speed. You can choose between a 500Wh and 625Wh integrated battery. All models come with a heavy duty MIK HD rack with integrated lighting, an adjustable handlebar stem, four piston hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, and eBike specific Schwalbe Energy Plus tyres.

New to 2023, the Ultimate C380 comes with the Bosch Smart System and includes Suntour eBike specific front suspension, with optional lockout. Simply put, the Ultimate is more akin to those that want to have a slightly more playful ride, whilst still wanting extreme comfort, performance and exceptional build quality from the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturer. Have a look at our range of Ultimate bikes by following this link.

Gazelle Grenoble

Gazelle Grenoble ebike

  • Gazelle Grenoble: Designed for easy access and an upright ride, featuring a gel saddle, suspension seat post, comfort handles, and a front suspension fork for stability and safety.
  • Three Variations:
    • Grenoble C7+: Entry-level option with an Active Line Plus motor, Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub, and a 500Wh battery.
    • Grenoble C8: Equipped with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor, 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub, and a 500Wh battery.
    • Grenoble C5: Features a Performance Line motor, 500Wh battery, and a Shimano Nexus 5-speed hub, catering to leisurely, hassle-free riding with varying preferences.

Enter Gazelle’s most popular electric bike, The Grenoble. The Grenoble is a stable, comfortable all-rounder for anyone that is looking for incredibly easy access on and off the bike, and an exceptionally upright ride. A gel saddle, suspension seat post, comfort handles and a front suspension fork combine to always ensure that you, the rider, are riding in as stable and safe position as can possible be. An adjustable switch stem lets you reset the handlebar to your favorite position.

The Grenoble has three variations. The Grenoble C7+, its entry level option from the range, has an Active Line Plus motor, a Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub and a 500Wh battery as standard. The Grenoble C8 a Bosch Active Line Plus motor, 8 speed Shimano Nexus hub and a 500Wh battery as standard. The Grenoble C5 comes with a Performance Line motor, a 500Wh battery and a Shimano Nexus 5 speed hub. Quite evidently this is a bike that is targeted towards individuals that value leisurely, hassle-free riding, and its capabilities can cater for anyone’s varying needs and preferences. Have a look at our range of Grenoble bikes by following this link.

In summary, Gazelle offers a diverse range of electric bikes, each catering to different preferences. The Gazelle Avignon is all about relaxed cruising and comfort, with top-notch features and safety. The Gazelle Ultimate combines sportiness with the brands signature comfort and comes in various configurations. Finally, the Grenoble is perfect for those seeking ease of use and an upright riding position. WHatver your style, Gazelle has a bike for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to test-rie or purchase one of these fantastic bikes at Discover the joy of cycling with Gazelle!

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.