Fully Charged Silverstone opens a new Electric Cargo Bike Service Centre
Fully Charged Silverstone opens a new Electric Cargo Bike Service Centre

Fully Charged Silverstone opens a new Electric Cargo Bike Service Centre

Fully Charged Silverstone moves to focus on electric cargo bikes to serve businesses and families in the Midlands and beyond.

Electric Cargo bikes and family eCargos have steadily gained in popularity since the Covid pandemic, as more and more customers have discovered the pleasure and convenience eBikes deliver for commuting and leisure. Since then, eCargo bikes have been gradually finding their own place in the personal and business mobility mix.

Fully Charged Silverstone has been supplying eCargos to families, companies and councils since opening, with the backing of the Fully Charged HQ in London. Now, with its focus solely on showcasing true car and van replacements, it is Silverstone’s ambition to demonstrate just how many needs an eCargo bike can meet sustainably and inexpensively, while simultaneously improving personal well-being.

When the COVID pandemic struck, the news was regularly populated with stories of people, with enforced inactivity, finding themselves reconsidering how their money was spent. Often this led to increases in home improvements rather than moving house, and the addition of an eBike to families’ mobility options, rather than buying a new car.

Although many people’s behaviours have returned to car and van usage, since the ‘Liz Truss budget’ household discretionary expenditure has come under increasing pressure. In parallel, local authorities and town councils are launching low emission zones to help improve urban air quality, and low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) have been created in some areas that further restrict car use during school opening and closing hours.

These are some of the reasons why more and more families are turning to Family eCargo bikes as an alternative to the car for short journeys. When you need to get to school and work but the car has become an inconvenience, one of these very capable eBikes is a real and practical option. With the ability to carry up to three children as well as the adult rider, it’s no wonder Family eCargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

Similarly, urban access restrictions affect the speed and efficiency of van use for delivery to homes and businesses. eCargo bikes, specifically designed to act as van replacements, do the job faster, cheaper, and without the potential risk of parking tickets, ULEZ fees or congestion zone fines.

Councils are actively looking at ways of further reducing the impact of urban traffic by imposing measures like workplace parking levies and by insisting that delivery loads are reduced to a micro scale. This means you’ll be paying to park at work and vans won’t be able to deliver to high streets, leaving electric (or analogue) bikes – and trailers as a few remaining viable options.

Fully Charged Silverstone Partner, Tristan Allen, says: “We recognise a behaviour shift in our consumer demographic and have been recording the trend for eCargos since 2020. We see many local initiatives to restrict car movements in urban areas and people, both private and business-related, are seeing the cost/benefit ratio now favouring smaller, nimbler and less expensive options than cars and vans. eCargos and Family eCargos are a suitable alternative for lots of journeys.”

Being situated at the geographical heart of the UK and central in the Oxford – Cambridge development Arc, Silverstone is perfectly connected to all areas north of London and ideally situated for Fully Charged Ltd to extend its market position as eCargo expert to more of the country. Access to Silverstone is easy in around 10 minutes from the M1 and M40 and is so well-located that Fully Charged can service an area encompassing Birmingham, the Cotswolds, Coventry, Peterborough, Nottingham and Oxford, all within a reachable radius.

Dan Parsons, Co-Founder and Head of B2B at Fully Charged HQ, commented, “Silverstone was Fully Charged’s first partner store and has been a test bed for lots of the initiatives we have rolled out since the pandemic. To re-focus this location as our market evolves is exactly the right thing to do and we look forward to serving a wider audience and sharing the expertise we have built up over many years of delivering B2B and Family eCargo solutions.”

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Written by Tristan Allan