How much does an electric bike cost?
How much does an electric bike cost?

How much does an electric bike cost?

Electric bikes can range from a few hundred pounds all the way up to £15,000. Here at Fully Charged, we have concentrated our stock on quality products. 

With over 10 years of leading the eBike industry, we strongly believe that by buying cheap, you buy twice. Our entry-level products retail at just over £1,900. By buying Fully Charged, you can ensure that all electric bikes stocked across our stores and online meet stringent standards, and deliver a high level of quality.

An integrated eBike System

Although it is possible to spend less that £1900 on an electric bike, the saving that you might make in the short run may well end up costing you in the long run. The product is less likely to have been built to last and more likely to use components that were bolted on to the bike as add-ons, rather than being considered from the wheels up at design stage. Usually the cheaper the eBike the wider the variety of differently branded components appear on the bike as the manufacturer has sought out the cheapest options in each case for each part. Some bikes will have differently branded motors, batteries and controllers, this can lead to problems in the long run as these components were not specifically designed to work together by their different manufacturers and have not been stressed tested together over hundreds of miles by thousands of people. 

At Fully Charged the majority of eBikes that we stock have Bosch powered mid-drive motors, which are proven to be the most efficient in power delivery and balanced weight distribution. We believe that choosing an eBike with the Bosch eBike System ensures quality, reliability and ease of global service. In short, it's a great way of ensure that your eBike goes the distance and keeping you cycling for many years. All of our eBikes also use top of the range brakes, frames and gearing systems that have been designed to deal with the additional power provided by an electric motor, something that many cheaper eBikes fail to provide. For more information check out our video on Why not to buy a cheap eBike.

There are other brands that we stock at Fully Charged that do not use the Bosch eBike System, but still have our stamp of approval. These have been carefully selected by our expert team to provide a similar level of long lasting ride-ability. Whether it’s urban eBike products such as Gocycle & Desiknio with their own fully integrated eBike systems, fun adventure dirt bikes like SUPER73 and Vintage Electric, or commercial business transport alternatives such as the Vok Bikes quadracycle, all of our options are reliable and functional.

Written by Tristan Allan