Introducing Moustache's Mardi 27
Introducing Moustache's Mardi 27

Introducing Moustache's Mardi 27

In years gone by we’ve always eagerly anticipated the unveiling of Moustache Bikes’ new product-line at the annual Eurobike show in Germany.

In recent years, owing to the onslaught brought on by Covid-19, the industry leading French manufacturer has been unusually quiet in its announcements…

That was until this year's Eurobike… and boy, oh boy, has the wait been worth it.

Their flagship model for Model Year 2024, the Moustache J, is an unstoppable hybrid electric bike, fit for multi-terrain use, and has full-suspension to give supreme comfort over potholes and light off-road.

They’ve backed up the J with a new addition to their urban portfolio, the Mardi 27. Working in unison with their long-standing tradition of high performance city electric bikes, the Mardi is here to make everyone’s city trips easier and stress-free. Let’s take a look at this year's most notable urban-powerhouse.

View the Moustache Mardi 27.4 product page.

View the Moustache Mardi 27.6 product page.

The Mardi 27.6

Gates Carbon Belt Drive and Enviolo Gearing

We’ve had an inordinate amount of customers asking us as to when Moustache will integrate a carbon-belt into their line up. Putting aside the Lundi 20, their rear-loading family cargo bike, until Model Year 2024, Moustache had shied away from utilising the Gates Carbon Drive™ System on any of their urban/commuter or eMTB models.

And yet, the eBike Gods have spoken, with the Moustache Mardi 27.6 installing this carbon belt that is seen so readily now on other premium brands. It’s mission, to make your journey as simple and fun as possible.

The Enviolo 380, combined with the Gates Carbon Drive, makes any city task an absolute delight. The internal hub incorporates stepless shifting, allowing the end-rider to cycle at their desired cadence, and has a longer service life. You can change gears at a stand-still, and don’t have to constantly worry about your gears indexing & shifting out of line.

Bosch Performance Line Motor

The Moustache Mardi 27.6 features the Performance Line motor from Bosch, offering 340% pedal assistance and 75Nm of torque, making any hill in any city a delight to glide up. Combined with a 625Wh battery, discretely fitted down the DownTube of this step-through electric bike, The Mardi 27.6 has power and range in abundance, making any city destination a reality.

Safety and Security

A major benefit of the Moustache Mardi 27.6 is that the Bosch ConnectModule is pre-installed and comes OEM from the French manufacturer. The ConnectModule enables both a lock and alarm feature that can be triggered by the Bosch eBike Flow App. This theft deterrent works in unison with the pre-installed rear cafe-lock, which is ideal for quickfire shortstops.

To find out more about the Bosch Smart System and the ConnectModule, watch our video HERE.

Practical and Comfortable for the everyday urban rider

Unlike the Moustache Lundi 27.5, the Mardi 27.6 comes with front suspension. The SR Suntour Mobie 25 Fork gives up to 100mm of travel to absorb any potholes in the road, and comes with a preload adjustment & lockout function. A suspended seatpost gives you that extra cushion whilst in the saddle.

The Bosch Smartphone Grip allows you to attach your smartphone to the handlebars, whilst charging it wirelessly or with a cable.

Luggage Options

A MIK HD and QL3 compatible rear rack allows for both crates and panniers. Perfectly set up for both weekday commuting or high-street shopping, the Mardi 27.6 offers both performance and practicality.

With step-through access and alloy, hydroformed and triple cavity tubing, as well as Moustache’s famous tubular mudguards, the Mardi 27.6 offers exceptional rigidity and strength, and can protect you in any weather condition.

The Moustache Mardi 27 starts at £3499

View specification comparison between the Moustache Mardi 27.4 and 27.6 here.

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Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.