​Introducing the Riese & Müller Carrie
​Introducing the Riese & Müller Carrie

​Introducing the Riese & Müller Carrie

The Compact Cargo Bike for Everyday Missions

An epitome of urban practicality, the Riese & Müller Carrie stands as a compact Long John cargo bike, offering an expansive loading surface within a minimal footprint. 

Unlike conventional front-loading cargo bikes, the Carry's dimensions closely resemble those of a standard bike, making it ideal for urban scenarios. Its slender frame enables seamless navigation through bustling streets and effortless maneuvering around corners, through parks and with parking.

In the spirit of Riese & Müller’s traditional precision engineered electric bikes, the Carrie is set to further redefine urban mobility, inviting you to embrace life on 2 wheels with the game changing capability of transporting your cargo, be it kids, the weekly shop, or for commercial use.

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Versatile Cargo Options


The Carrie comes with a range of accessories that can be quickly and easily adapted for your specific needs. The standard basic box offers ample space for everyday items, such as groceries or packages. If you need even more storage capacity, the optional Flex Box provides a significantly extended loading area. 

When open, it can accommodate larger items or up to two children. When closed, it fits into the narrowest parking spaces. The Flex Box is made of durable and recyclable materials, ensuring both strength and sustainability.

Technical Specifications

Carrie Riese

The Riese & Müller Carrie is equipped with the powerful and almost silent Bosch Performance Line motor, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. The standard battery is a 545 watt-hour Powerpack, but it can be upgraded to a 725 watt-hour version for those who require extra range. The Carrie offers two gearing options: the Touring model with a ten-speed derailleur gear and the Vario model with a continuously variable hub gear in combination with a belt drive. Both options provide reliable and low-maintenance performance.

Comfort and Customisation

RM Carrie

The Carrie features an adjustable seat post and a height and angle adjustable stem, allowing you to find the perfect riding position. For even more comfort, you can opt for the suspension seat post, which absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road. The Carry also offers optional accessories such as a rear carrier with child seat approval, ensuring that your little ones can join you on your adventures safely.

Sustainable Design

Compact Cargo Carrie

At Riese & Müller, sustainability is a top priority. The Carry is designed with circular principles in mind, aiming for the longest possible service life and a new usage cycle at the end. The frame is made from 81% recycled and ASI certified aluminium, reducing the need for primary aluminium extraction. All textiles used in the Carry are made from recycled materials and are free of toxic substances. The accessories are designed to be easy to dismantle, clean, and repair, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly product.

Safety and Security

Safety is paramount, especially when riding with cargo or passengers. The Carrie is equipped with a frame lock and offers additional security options such as an optional chain lock with a bag. Riese & Müller offers the Bosch Smart System on the Carrie, which has an alarm feature, locking feature and ability for tracking.

Available Colours

The Riese & Müller Carry is available in three stylish colours: Aqua, Anise, and Shadow. The unique frame design, highlighted by these vibrant colours, makes the Carry stand out from the crowd. The black add-on parts add a touch of elegance to the overall look.


The Riese & Müller Carrie is the perfect solution for those who need a compact cargo bike that can handle everyday transportation needs. Its versatility, combined with its sustainable design and comfortable features, makes it a super choice for urban riders. With the Carrie, you can say hello to a more enjoyable way of getting around. So why wait? 

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Written by Max J