Meet the Tern Quick Haul Long: Your Family's Ideal Cargo Companion
Meet the Tern Quick Haul Long: Your Family's Ideal Cargo Companion

Meet the Tern Quick Haul Long: Your Family's Ideal Cargo Companion

Today, we're excited to introduce you to the Quick Haul Long—a versatile and robust compact cargo bike designed to transform the way you and your family travel. 

Offering many of the acclaimed benefits of the Tern GSD, but at a more accessible price point, the Quick Haul Long is designed to make your journeys more efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly. Whether you're ferrying the kids to school, doing a big shop, or simply enjoying a weekend ride, this bike has got you covered with its impressive capacity and customisable options.


Discover more on the Tern Quick Haul Long by visiting our product page.

Adaptable for Your Family’s Needs

The Ideal Passenger Vehicle

Starting a family or expanding one? The Quick Haul Long is your perfect partner. With a variety of passenger-carrying accessories, this bike grows with your family, comfortably transporting up to two children. It’s also perfect for a fun, eco-friendly ride with your partner, making your journeys not just practical but enjoyable.


A Heavy-Duty Hauler

With a Max Gross Vehicle Weight of 190 kg (419 lb), the Quick Haul Long is built to handle all your heavy-duty needs. Whether it's the weekly shop or a load of gardening supplies, this bike's impressive capacity and range of accessories ensure you can carry it all with ease. Its extended wheelbase and low centre of gravity provide a stable ride, even with a hefty load, while the low step-through frame makes getting on and off a doddle.


Ride with Confidence

Worried about handling a loaded bike? The Quick Haul Long is designed for comfort and control. Despite its robust capabilities, it weighs in at under 30 kg, making it easy to manage even for smaller riders. The frame and fork have undergone rigorous testing to meet high safety standards, ensuring you can ride with peace of mind.


The Bosch® Advantage

Powered by Bosch®, the Quick Haul Long boasts a Cargo Line motor that delivers up to 85 Nm of torque, offering powerful, smooth assistance, especially on hills. The PowerPack battery is versatile and easy to remove, so you can charge it indoors or swap it out quickly, keeping you on the move.


Customise to Suit Your Needs

From child seats and weather protection to pet carriers and cargo racks, the Quick Haul Long is highly adaptable. Planning a weekend adventure? Attach a trailer to bring extra bikes or your kayaks. Need to haul a larger load? The integrated trailer attachment points make it simple and straightforward.


Easy to Store

One of the standout features of the Quick Haul Long is its ability to park and roll vertically, making storage a breeze. Whether at home or at work, this bike takes up minimal space, ensuring maximum convenience without compromising on security.

Safety You Can Rely On

Safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to carrying your loved ones. The Quick Haul Long meets stringent DIN 79010 and UL 2849 safety standards, providing you with the confidence that your bike is reliable and secure.

Thoughtful Design in Every Detail

Every aspect of the Quick Haul Long is designed with the rider in mind. The height-adjustable stem and folding side decks offer flexibility and convenience, while the integrated frame lock and robust double kickstand add practicality and security to your rides.

Long-Lasting Support

We understand that your bike is an investment, which is why Tern offers a 10-year limited warranty and guarantees the availability of replacement parts for at least seven years. This commitment ensures that your Quick Haul Long remains a reliable part of your family’s life for years to come.

Experience the Quick Haul Long at Fully Charged

Discover more on the Tern Quick Haul Long by visiting our product page.

As electric cargo bike specialists, and Tern's leading UK retailer, we'd love to invite you to experience the Quick Haul Long in person. Stay tuned for updates about when our shop will have the full range of accessories and see how this cargo bike can revolutionise your daily commutes and adventures.

Written by Max J