Is the Moustache Xroad the most versatile electric bike ever?
Is the Moustache Xroad the most versatile electric bike ever?

Is the Moustache Xroad the most versatile electric bike ever?

The Samedi 27 Xroad Range

Since we adopted Moustache as our first ever brand at Fully Charged nearly 10 years ago, the Samedi 27 Xroad has grown to become our most popular range of electric bikes. An eMTB and an urban eBike crossbreed, the Samedi 27 Xroad is catered to be for 50% off-road use and 50% road use. Simply put, this is a bike that lets you work hard in the week and party on the weekend.

The upright geometry, adjustable stem, mixed-purpose tyres and QL3/MIK compatible rear rack make the Xroad range a comfortable option for commuting to work on roads or gravel cycle paths with great rear-luggage capability. Its two full-suspension models, the Xroad FS 3 and the Xroad FS 6, can handle the thrills of mountain bike trails courtesy of the Moustache Magic-Grip control; it’s purpose-built in house rear shock system. All the Xroad models come with Shimano derailleur gearing systems, with options ranging from 9 to 11 gears.

For 2023, we’ve seen the flagship Xroad evolve to supersede its predecessor. Out goes the Xroad 7 in British racing green, and in comes the Xroad 6 in a rather daring jet black. The ranges’ most notable upgrade for the 2023 system lies in the arrival of the Bosch Smart System, with it ushering in over-the-air Bluetooth updates thanks to the eBike Flow App, customisable torque settings and GPS navigation.

Here are some fresh Fully Charged takes on the 2023 Moustache Xroad range.

Xroad 2

The entry level model is still the Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 1, a fiercely popular choice and at a competitive price. However, The Xroad 2 has undergone a slight revamp for model-year 2023. This is a chameleon who knows how to blend in anywhere. Back in an attractive Petrol Blue, this latest model is equipped with the upgraded Performance Line Smart System; featuring an additional 15% more torque (now 75 Nm) and 13% more pedal assistance (now 340%). The new Bosch Smart System technology opens up the opportunity for system upgrades via Bluetooth thanks to the eBike Flow app, meaning you can onboard useful updates straight from your phone.

The Xroad 2 has also been spec’d out with Shimano MT200 disc brakes, a pannier rack that’s compatible with both QL3 and MIK HD mounting options and a Suntour front suspension fork. Comfortable and relaxing to ride, the Xroad 2 offers a fantastic option for gravel adventures or doing weekly errands around town. The new 2023 model is available in both an open or closed frame design.

Xroad 3

With the Samedi 27 Xroad 3, the Bosch Performance Line Smart System motor works in unison with a 625Wh battery, creating a bike that offers both comfortability and power when you need it, especially up those hills! A suspension seat-post absorbs bumps, whether city potholes or off-road tracks, and combines with a SR Suntour front suspension fork for additional comfort.

The new Smart System equips the Xroad 3 with the latest Bosch eBike technology. The Xroad 3 comes in both open or closed frame models, and is available in a sleek titanium gloss finish colour. With a 625Wh battery, the Xroad 3 offers an additional 125Wh of battery range compared to the Xroad 2’s 500Wh battery, as well as an upgrade to a suspension seatpost.

Xroad FS 3

The Xroad 3 is also available in a full suspension model, providing even more off-road adventure opportunities. Unlike the standard Xroad 3, the Xroad FS 3 is equipped with the Performance Line CX motor and Moustache Magic Grip control rear shock, allowing you to discover challenging off-road trails with a comparatively more powerful motor than the Xroad 2.

Xroad 6

The flagship new Xroad model for 2023, the Xroad 6 is the pinnacle of the Moustache’s most dynamic range. Combining the best-in-class technology with comfort and style, this brand new Xroad model from Moustache features a 625Wh battery, Performance Line CX motor and the Bosch Smart System technology including a Bosch Kiox 300 head unit. Although dependent on gradients and cargo weight, its 625Wh battery has a range of 60-80 miles.

Xroad FS 6

The crème de la crème of the 2023 Moustache range, the Samedi 27 Xroad FS 6 includes all the best features of the Xroad 6 whilst going one step further to become a full suspension beast thanks to the addition of Moustache’s Magic Grip Control technology. The rear suspension system opens up the opportunity to comfortably explore more challenging off-road terrain, whilst also acting as a magic carpet that allows you to flow over those pesky city potholes. Styled in jet black with a slightly dropped frame, the Xroad FS 6 is a panther that can tame all terrains!

Written by Issy Hobday