The Riese & Müller Packster 70 Cargo Bike Is Back!
The Riese & Müller Packster 70 Cargo Bike Is Back!

The Riese & Müller Packster 70 Cargo Bike Is Back!

Spacious and with improved handling - the Packster 70 is back in business

Back after an international recall in early 2022, the Packster 70 has returned to the streets with improved handling and a few other neat upgrades.

With a 240 litre capacity front loading box, the Packster 70 has more space than its counterpart, the Load, making it an ideal option for growing families in heavily urbanised areas. Yet the Packster 70 has taken some style inspiration from its sibling for 2023 as the Vario, Touring and Automatic models now come with the option of the ‘Control Technology Package’.

Having visited the Riese & Müller factory in November and tested the new Packster 70 in the flesh, we’re pretty pumped about the latest edit of this versatile electric cargo bike. Here we take a look at its new features.

Control Technology

Control Technology is Riese & Müller’s synonym for a full-suspension electric bike, and consists of a rear suspension swing arm, which combined with a Suntour front fork, creates a cargo bike that commands comfort on unforgiving urban roads.

The ‘Control Technology’ package also includes the best-in-class Tektro TRP cargo brakes, providing ultimate braking response and stability. In addition, front and rear Supernova M99 lights come with full beam and brake light features, ensuring maximum stability.

Once predominantly pigeon-holed as an urban electric cargo bike, the addition of Control Technology to the Packster 70 allows for improved comfort and rider experience on pothole littered roads, whilst opening the Packster up to the great unknown. Even better, the Packster 70 can still accommodate a luggage carrier and optional DualBattery configuration.

Reduced Turning Circle

The engineers at Riese & Müller have decreased Packster 70’s steering angle from from 85° to 65° degrees. This has allowed for even more safety by reducing the chance of understeering events whilst still maintaining maneuverability. The front forks have been adapted to allow for more stiffness when turning.

Improved Child’s Headrest and Seat Bench

A new headrest has been designed for the double child’s seat, offering improved rebound support and comfort for young cargo, while the five-point safety seatbelts have been modified to include an easier-to-use buckle.

The double child’s seat can fold flat to produce a clear storage space when not transporting small passengers. The Packster 70 has a number of additional family friendly accessories, including a third child seat, baby seats for.

Riese & Müller’s unfaltering level of precision and premier design continues to be visible in the new Packster 70. The bike still features the mighty Bosch Cargo Line (Gen4) motor, Enviolo 380 or Enviolo Automatiq optional gearing systems and the ultimate Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Models:

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Touring

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Automatic

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Written by Issy Hobday