Tips to leave the car in the garage, and ride your eBike this winter!
Tips to leave the car in the garage, and ride your eBike this winter!

Tips to leave the car in the garage, and ride your eBike this winter!

It is thought that cold, wind and rain are the enemies of an electric bike rider. However, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation! That’s why we’re offering you a little help to equip yourself for riding in all conditions.

1. Clothing: Ride in comfort, whatever the weather

ebike in winter

As the winter chill sets in, gear up with the right attire to make your eBike journeys cosy and enjoyable. Opt for an insulated jacket, or if it’s raining, a combination of a fleece & waterproof windbreaker. Waterproof trousers and waterproof shoes will further fortify you against the cold and rain.

Explore thin under-helmet caps, winter gloves with liners, and warm, waterproof socks to ensure you stay toasty on the go.

Top Products 

  1. Universal Colours Insulated Jacket 
  2. Rains Waterproof Cape
  3. Rains Waterproof Trousers
  4. Sealskinz Waterproof Socks 
  5. DexShell Stretch Fit Gloves
  6. Waterproof Shoes
  7. Winter Liner Helmet 
  8. Fully Charged Snood

2. Visibility: See & be seen

visibility in winter for your ebike

In the darker days of winter, visibility is of great importance, so ensure you’ve got eflective clothing and pannier bags. The majority of the eBikes we sell come with integrated LED lighting that help you stand out against the darkening, seasonal shadow, and be seen on the road. For those without built-in lighting, choose removable systems, whether fixed to your helmet or bike.

Top Products 

  1. Ortlieb Panniers 
  2. Moon Nebula Light Set

3. Essential eBike Equipment: Your ride geared up for maximum practicality

equipped for winter ebike

The electric bikes we sell at Fully Charged are almost all equipped with the essentials needed to protect you from the elements. You’ll find full length mudguards, integrated lights and weatherproof batteries and motors. See Bosch’s top tips on how to look after your battery in the winter, especially if you are storing your bike outside.

4. Waterproof Luggage: Keep Your stuff dry on every journey

ebike panniers for winter

Whether you prefer a backpack or luggage rack, keep your belongings dry with waterproof solutions. Clip-on products provide both functionality and weather resistance. Ensure your gear stays warm and dry, complemented by reflective strips for added safety during your commute.  View all luggage options here.

5. Regular Maintenance: Ride safely, ride longer!

Winter conditions demand a bit more TLC for your eBike. Protect the battery from the cold by storing it at room temperature. Prioritise maintenance by checking and lubricating essential components such as the chain, and cassette (if you have one). Lower your tyre pressure slightly for an improved road traction during the colder months. With proper care, you'll ride safely through winter, burning calories and leaving room for that well-deserved dessert!

Written by Max Jaconelli

Max is the maestro who looks after our website, and has been at Fully Charged since the beginning. He rides a Riese & Müller Tinker, and is a Turbo mode enthusiast.