Introducing Moustache's new electric mountain bikes - 29 Trail & 29 Game
Introducing Moustache's new electric mountain bikes - 29 Trail & 29 Game

Introducing Moustache's new electric mountain bikes - 29 Trail & 29 Game

Moustache have released a new range of electric mountain bikes for 2022 which include the Bosch Smart System, as well as other upgrades!

The new adventure ready 2022 eMTB models from Moustache are perfect for those who love to explore, with the Game being the ultimate downhill adrenaline fuelled thrill seeker and the Trail its more comfortable, cross country alternative. Let’s have a look at this years hottest eMTB picks from our A-List eBike line up:


Bosch Smart System

The new 2022 Game and Trail models come complete with the Bosch Smart System which is designed for riders to have a uniquely connected experience with their eBike.

The fully integrated ecosystem comprises of a brand new 750Wh PowerTube battery (extending your range by up to 20%!), as well as an all new eBike Flow app, control unit, display and drive unit.

All four models within the Game and Trail line up come complete with the powerful Performance Line CX motor from Bosch, making this the most advanced system on the market.


New Locking Feature, Same Weight Distribution

Scratch beneath the surface of the new models, and you’ll see some mightily clever engineering work.

Moustache have designed their own, space-saving solutions for the motor and bigger integrated battery, courtesy of the new Smart System. The team have done away with the battery lock, integrating the battery in the down tube so that it’s easily accessible and removable without tools.

They have replaced the heavy and bulky lock from Bosch with a slender clip; when the cover unclips, you simply unscrew a bolt through the top of the down tube and press a latch. It’s quick and doesn’t need any tools! This ensures that there is still the same low centre of gravity that there is in the previous model with the 625Wh battery, keeping the weight distribution of the bike balanced, but at 20% more range!

Moustache Grip Control

Moustache’s emblematic ‘Grip Control’ stars in all of its full-suspension models, with this in-house developed rear shock being a mainstay on both the Game and Trail models. Their bespoke Grip Control has been designed to make your rides even more comfortable, efficient and dynamic, and offers a reliable and tireless absorption to your rides.



Enduro and Downhill ready eMTBs that aren't gonna cost-ya!

Where the Game 29 should be at home is exploring the wilds and taking on big downhill routes somewhere rough and rocky like Peaslake, Scotland or the Lakes, with its powerful motor, large capacity battery, plenty of travel in the suspension and long chainstays, perfect for the all types of climbs & descents.

The Trail 29 comes in at a more competitive price point than the Game 29 series, but is built just as much for the adventure. If you’re not in need of becoming the next downhill superstar, or Enduro race champion, but instead want endless enjoyment charging around the hills and mountains of your preferred area, then the Trail’s a great option for you.

The general advantages of the Game in comparison to other comparable models from competitor brands are its exceptional value for money considering its specification. All models come with 170/160mm travel and 29in wheels and with a slacker head angle than the previous Game, and a steeper seat angle, with a significantly longer top tube/reach. By extending the reach, Moustache have been able to chip back the stem length to 40mm, which helps the steering characteristics. As you go up through the models, the fork and brakes are upgraded.

The Trail’s geometry has been redefined for this season to allow for a more stable, extended ride. Similar to the Game modes, the seat angle has been steepened, and the head tube angle flattened, with the bottom bracket being lowered by 4mm, the top tube lengthened by 18mm and the stem shortened by 10mm. Whilst this may seem like crazy details, it shows the amount of work Moustache has gone to in creating the right geometry. In line with its name, all models come with 28in wheels, with the specifications of the models being dependent on the gearing system, brakes and suspension forks.

The Game 11 flagship model (pictured below) has a Fox 38 Factory Fork, Shimano XTR Drivetrain, Moustache’s own Just_Moustache Carbon Rims, a carbon bar, Maxxis Assegai 3C tyres, Magic-Grip schock, a 750Wh battery, Bosch Performance Line CX motor, Kiox 300 display and LED Remote.

It’s counterpart, the Trail 11 has a Fox 36 Factory, Shimano XTR Drivetrain, Maxxis Assegai 3X tyres, Magic-Grip shock, a 750Wh battery, Bosch Performance Line CX motor, Kiox 300 display and LED Remote.

It’s clear to see that if you’re an adrenaline fuelled thrill seeker, or simply someone who wants to decode themselves from the daily grind and connect back with nature, then the 2022 Game and Trail range from Moustache are the way to go. The digital features of the new Bosch Smart System enrich the experience one can have out in the wilderness, and combined with the quality of componentry used from Moustache, gives electric mountain biking and trailing the perfect front step towards the eBike mobility of tomorrow.

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.