Justifying an eBike to yourself
Justifying an eBike to yourself

Justifying an eBike to yourself

Are you thinking about how to justify an eBike to yourself? Start here.

You won’t be a cyclist thinking about cycling.

Popping to the shop on a bike is a great idea until it comes to doing. It’s a shame but the harsh reality is that jumping on your bike like you did when you were a kid is too hard. It takes too long, you get too hot, you can’t carry enough back and is Lycra really essential? … 

And so you take the car.

Sound familiar?

One of the great joys of eBiking is that all these hurdles vanish. OK, sure you still need to have panniers or a backpack to carry stuff but all the other objections evaporate in the same way finding a parking space, dodging parking wardens, paying for parking, queueing to get into a car park, buying fuel, waiting to be let out of a junction and paying congestion and ULEZ (in some places) all do.

You can’t be a cyclist without a bike

Obvious but true.

The cycling we do in our heads while dreaming of warm days and sunny skies doesn’t actually help when the weather actually gets better if you haven’t got a bike. The fact is, whatever riding you see yourself doing, you’re going to need to take the leap so your eBike is there for you when the time is right.

How much?

We hear this every day. Not everyone gets eBikes yet. If you’ve got one you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that riding an eBike over driving the car is so much easier. 

For those who haven’t experienced the pleasure of riding an eBike we offer test rides at all our Fully Charged locations.

Test and smile

It’s so important for you to sit on a bike to feel how it fits that we recommend you don’t buy a bike from anyone who doesn’t, at least, offer you to do this.

Often, when a customer rides the bike they’ve read about they end up choosing an entirely different brand or style. No surprises here. Buying a sofa or a car is a similar experience; it has to fit you and you can’t know until you try it.

“I could buy a car for that” 

Yes, you could. Or a boat or a guitar or flying lessons. But if you need to get healthier, if you want to reduce your car fuel costs, if you want to set a great example for your kids or if you simply want to get out more there aren’t many investments you can make that deliver on all fronts. 

Whatever your budget, there’s an eBike for you but if you want to buy another car, go for it. I’ll bet you won’t do that either.

We think that justifying the price of an eBike is easy but also understand that the decision to make a meaningful investment into a new way of life takes a bit of thought.

All Fully Charged stores and eBike experts (and we’re all experts – some of us are even gurus) are happy to take the time to work out which eBikes are a good fit for you.

The first step is to pick up the phone to us or to book an appointment. It costs nothing to talk and the time you put into it might just change your life. 

Are you thinking about how to justify an eBike to yourself? 

Start here.

Written by Tristan Allan