New Moustache eBike Releases for 2021 - Fully Charged Electric Bike News & Reviews
New Moustache eBike Releases for 2021 - Fully Charged Electric Bike News & Reviews

New Moustache eBike Releases for 2021 - Fully Charged Electric Bike News & Reviews

We're excited to introduce the new Moustache Electric Bike range for 2021, including the all new Lundi 27, the inaugural Weekend range and a new Fat 4 eMTB. Test-Rides are available from the Fully Charged Showrooms.

It’s been a decade since Moustache have graced the electric-bike world, here we look at the new 2021 range of eBikes that we’ll be supplying at Fully Charged.

Lundi 27


Comfortable, practical and beautiful, the Lundi has always been an easy to handle and stable ride for urban cyclists. The renewed specifications for this coming season (the Lundi 27.1, Lundi 27.3 and Lundi 27.5) have all the fundamentals we’ve known to come and love so well from the 26 range but have improved upon them even more with some great additions. We thought we’d share the overriding features of this new and improved bike for Model Year 2021.

Integrated Bosch PowerTube Battery

The Lundi 27 range has said goodbye to the rear exposed carrier battery of previous years and hello to its new integrated battery, enclosed within the downtube frame. This has been installed in a balanced position for top agility and riding enjoyment, with the Lundi 26.1 having a 400Wh PowerTube, and the 27.3 and 27.5 going for 500Wh.

moustache ebike

moustache ebike

Bosch Performance Line Motor (Lundi 27.3 and 5)

The Lundi 27.3 and 27.5 have upgraded from the Active Line Plus motor of the 27.1 to the Performance Line Gen 3 motor. With 250 watts of power, an increased maximum drive torque of 65Nm and improved pedal assistance of up to 300%, the Bosch Performance Line drive guarantees the best possible performance on all terrains.

Wheelset & Tyres

With a new year comes a larger, slightly fatter tyre, making sure that the rider is more comfortable and visible. Gone are the 26” wheels and in are the larger air volume Super Moto-X tyres in 27.5x2.4, ensuring that the rider gets even more stability over potholes and has anti-puncture reinforcements.


moustache ebike

moustache ebike

All the 27 ranges come with a Moustache luggage rack which is aluminum and has removable lateral fastenings for the new 2021 Moustache pannier bags. The rear rack can hold up to 27kg of weight with compatible accessories, bags and baby carriers. All come with an AXA rear wheel lock.

Moustache Handlebar

moustache ebike

The new range still has the features that has made the Lundi such an iconic bike. The high-riser Moustache handlebar stands out, offering a very comfy raised position that allows a wide-angle vision, ideal for being able to look over traffic. The cables are also integrated and it is possible to fix an adaptor for a basket on it.

Integrated Headlight and Rectangular Head Tube

The integrated headlight and rectangular head tube continue to be one of the signature looks of this model and a marker of its inimitable style.

Low Stepover

The open frame continues to offer an ultra-low stepover for great accessibility across the city. This makes the Lundi a versatile, approachable option for anyone who is looking to gain confidence on the road.

Unique Design

The design continues to be what sets the Lundi apart from not just Moustache’s other bikes, but other brands across the world. It comes from the original vision of Manu Antonot, Co-Founder of Moustache. While the Lundi 26 was the first pencil stroke of the Moustache family, it led to a unique look that lasted for 10 years, something that is hard to imagine in the eBike game!

All bikes come with a suspension seatpost, with the Lundi 27.1 and 3 having the Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur gearing system with a 11-36T chain cassette, and the 27.5 having the Enviolo TR system, with 380% ratio range. You can get the Lundi 27’s across each specification in five different colours; azure, baby blue, lemon yellow, red-orange and black.

The new Lundi range will be available at Fully Charged in November.

moustache ebike

moustache ebike

moustache ebike

Moustache Samedi 27 Weekend

moustache ebike

Moustache have upped the adventure for 2021 and introduced an entirely new bike, the Samedi Weekend, which can now boast up to 1125Wh of pure pleasure. The DualBattery gives those who want to go further, higher and explore the unknown without any limitation the option to. Combined with a Deore drivetrain, this makes this bike perfect to face long distances. The Bosch Nyon computer with touch screen and navigation mode easily allows you to plan your routes, whether that be on or off the beaten track.

Available in two versions, the Weekend 27 FS Dual offers just what you need to take your ride further, while the Weekender 27 FS Dual EQ has mudguards, a luggage rack and an ultra powerful Supernova light.

Bosch DualBattery Technology and Performance Line CX Motor

moustache ebike

To move ahead of the curve and into Model Year 2021 in style, the Weekend has the Bosch DualBattery. Moustache have modified the frame by redesigning the top tube with a new version, offering the space to fit a further 500Wh more. By changing the top tube length to leave enough space for the additional battery, adjusting the head angle, and lowering the gravity centre to the maximum, the handling remains dynamic and precise, even with the extra weight of the battery. To withstand all manners of terrain across hills, countryside and trails, the Weekend is fitted with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor (Gen 4). It has up to 340% pedal assistance, 85Nm of torque, sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance of up to 120rpm.

Designed for the perfect eMTB ride

The chassis is optimised to offer 120mm rear travel and 130mm front travel. The grip, comfort and optimal balance of the Magic Grip Control shock keeps your wheels on the ground. With the addition of the new RockShox 35 Silver fork, the Weekend FS Dual EQ offers the possibility of attaching a real front mudguard, with a great covering for maximum protection.

Nyon Display

moustache ebike

The Weekender comes with the new Bosch Nyon display. From either the portal or the eBike Connect App, the Nyon enables you to easily plan your routes, and adjust the level of assistance in real time. You can even personalise your riding modes and get date on your performance levels, upping the functionality of the Kiox display.

Mudguards and Luggage Racks

The Weekend’s mudguards and luggage racks on the EQ version work together to keep you and your cargo dry thanks to waterproof panniers (an extra option). These are easy to mount and dismount with a simple click, thanks to the QL3 system. The platform is also MIK HD compatible.

Reliable Components

moustache ebike

The wheels are built with Shimano hubs, and the new Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain, offering reliability and durability for endless riding experiences. Combine that with the new Shimano M6120 4-piston brakes with 203mm discs, and Mazzis Rekon 27.5x2.6 tyres with a high level of grip for maximum performance, and you’ve got yourself one powerful and progressive bike.

Both Weekend’s have FOX 130/120mm travel suspension, have a dropper seatpost and come in a celadon green.

Delivery date is to be confirmed!

moustache ebike

moustache ebike

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Moustache Samedi 26 Fat 4

moustache ebike

Moustache have changed the name of the Wild to the Fat 4, and with good reason as this bike most certainly packs a punch. Moustache has christened it the rebel of their eMTB family as it has no terrain limits. It’s wide volume tyres offer a greater capacity for trail blazing, whether that’s in icy cold, snowy conditions or the blistering dune sunshine heat.

Season 10 comes with a new frame and integrated 625Wh Bosch PowerTube battery and the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, with that added 85Nm of torque, as well as some new specific parts, adapted gears and cranks designed to give you the ride of your life.

Powered by Bosch

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is available at a wide range of speeds , a fully optimised eMTB mode and extended boost function, gaining you pedal assistance of up to 340%. The CX motor is compact and lightweight with minimal resistance to pedalling and extreme responsiveness. The motor is combined with a 625Wh battery which is integrated into the downtube for exceptional range.

Advanced Drivetrain and Brakes

The Fat 4 comes with the Shimano Deore XT, 11-51T speed derailleur gearing system, bringing enduring performance thanks to smart materials and an enhanced drivetrain stability, accommodating limitless riding adventures. It is combined with the ever progressice, powerful and strong Shimano front and rear MT6120 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes.

Fork and Wheels

New for 2021, the Fat 4 comes with the RockShox bluto fork, giving you that external rebound control and Motion Control low speed compression adjust lockout. The simple lock-out lever at the top of the fork allows for tackling climbs and flat terrain at the same time. The change the suspension makes to the sensation of riding fat tyres can’t be underestimated, especially with the big rubber on the new exclusive wheels at 26x3.80 and 60TPI.

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.