Prime Minister Prescribes eBikes
Prime Minister Prescribes eBikes

Prime Minister Prescribes eBikes

A brand new national eBike programme will be introduced over the coming weeks to help older people get into cycling.

A landmark moment for all English eBike retailers in the UK is officially coming in the next few weeks as the Prime Minister launched a significant package of measures billed as a ‘revolution for cycling’ alongside the bike service voucher scheme. The Government is planning to subsidise eBikes for pensioners and commuters as part of a plan to increase cycling nationwide.

In yesterday’s statement the Prime Minister said that ‘from helping people to get fit and healthy and lowering their risk of illness, to improving air quality and cutting congestion, cycling and walking have a huge role to play in tackling some of the biggest health and environmental challenges we face.’ He went on to comment that ‘we have to shift gears and press ahead with our biggest and boldest plans to boost active travel, so that everyone can feel the transformative benefits of cycling.’

The £2bn scheme includes a new national eBike programme! The programme is designed to help those that are older, having to travel longer distances and are less fit to take up cycling. People could be given up to a third off the £600 - £3,000 cost of a new eBike to entice them to take more exercise. The subsidy will come on top of the already popular cycle-to-work scheme with already gives money off purchases here at Fully Charged and at other retailers. Hopefully the new programme will provide people with a perfect opportunity to hop into the eBike world.

The new £2bn scheme also includes thousands of miles of protected cycling lanes, cycling parking, cycling training for children and adults, un updated Highway Code and a long term budget and strategic investment plan matching those for road and rail. Doctor’s have also now been advised by the government to prescribe cycling to their patients, as a way of generating a fitter Britain in years to come. Overall this is an unprecedented ambition and elevates cycling policy and investment to a level we’ve not seen before.

Grant Schapps, the Transport Secretary, in the statement made with the Prime Minister said that ‘by helping to fix your bike - or by getting an electrically powered one… we’re making it easier than ever to make active travel part of your daily life, and leading England to becoming a great cycling nation.’

We have to thank the Bicycle Association for lobbying so hard to help action the national eBike programme, alongside other cycling bodies such as Sustrans, Cycling UK and British Cycling and await the government's legislation in a few days time on the matter.

We will be updating this page once we find out more on the ins and outs of the programme itself, all eyes on deck!

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.