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Quad Lock Universal Adaptor (V3)

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Universal Adaptor

Our Quad Lock® Universal Adaptors features our secure locking mechanism compatible with all Original twist and lock mounts and can be directly adhered to phones, cases and most flat metal or plastic surfaces.



At just 5mm and 5.3mm thick, the Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor and MAG Universal Adaptor fits seamlessly onto the back of smartphones and cases.



The Quad Lock MAG™ Universal Adaptor is compatible with Quad Lock MAG™ standard heads and Quad Lock® Original twist and lock mounts.


Quad Lock MAG™ makes mounting your phone even faster, simply position your phone and the magnets do the rest.


Please refer to the Product Suitability Guide for more information

Please Note: Use of the Universal Adaptor may interfere with Wireless Charging



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