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S73 LZRD Tyres 20 x 5

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LZRD Modern Super73 Street Tyre


The LZRD tyre is meticulously crafted for street riders who demand both longevity and top-tier performance. Featuring micro-knurling, this tyre enhances cornering grip without compromising on tyre lifespan.


- Puncture-resistant override: Ensures a reliable and durable ride.
- Micro-knurled surface texture: Provides superior grip for confident cornering.
- Patented channeled all-weather tread pattern: Optimised for various weather conditions, ensuring safety and control.
- Centre "Speed Strip" pattern: Maximises straight-line speed and efficiency for your commute.
- Reflective lettering on tyre walls: Enhances visibility and safety during night rides.


Please note - Inner tubes are not included, and tyres are sold singularly.


Upgrade your bike with the LZRD tyre for a smooth, efficient, and safe journey, no matter the distance.

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