Space; the new frontier
Space; the new frontier

Space; the new frontier

The bottom line is that space is our own personal frontier and eBikes give you more of it.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything it's that we crave our own space. Lockdown has put lots of us into situations that we've struggled to handle well: daily close contact with family and friends, restrictions on places we can go and when we can go there. These used to be unthinkable issues in a free society. Today it's normal.


When the restrictions are lifted, the nature of a communicable disease means that we are cautious about human contact. Is it safe to use the bus? Is the person sniffing on the train going to infect me. Can I even share a car with friends?


And to top it all, during the worst of lockdown we're only allowed to go out for an hour at a time. I don't know about you but after a week of jogging around the same 5k radius of my house I was BORED.



Find your space

So, what to do? eBikes are an answer. In fact all bikes are an answer but for non-cyclists eBikes are a better one. Here's why.


Walk out in any direction from the same place and you'll get about five kilometres in an hour - that's there and back. Do that a few times and the scenery gets old quite quickly.


Run the same roads and you may cover 10km more or less. You'll be fitter but your scenery won't change.


Head out on your analogue bike and the average newbie will cover about ten to fifteen miles on an average day.


Now, head out on your eBike and more opportunity presents itself. Hills don't represent a barrier to progress. The wider your radius, the more chance you have of finding new places. You may even reach new green space and cleaner air if you live in a larger town.


Quite apart from all the health benefits of cycling (and let's not forget that advice is that we all improve our body's natural immunity to help fend off the worst of the COVID threat) cycling gets you into places that a car or walking never will.



Space machines

We've been selling the benefits of eBikes for a long time and, recently, Fully Charged Silverstone has had success in helping councils introduce eBikes to communities because the benefits are pretty compelling. None of this happens by accident.


COVID-19 has introduced a new awareness of the risks we run when we live in ways that our health finds hard to cope with. Taking responsibility for our own actions and reaching for new horizons leads to new thinking and one of the most popular new ideas today is that our health is our individual responsibility.


We think that, for all the reasons here, eBikes are great.


Great for our health, great for mobility, great for keeping our distance and great for reaching new places and spaces that were otherwise out of reach.


The bottom line is that space is our own personal frontier and eBikes give you more of it.


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Written by Tristan