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Super73 Modular Cargo Crate with Net

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Super73 Modular Crate


The SUPER73 Modular Cargo Crate is a top-quality cargo crate created to perfectly fit all SUPER73 S-Series, R-Series bikes, as well as SUPER73 ZX/Z Miami bikes. This sturdy crate is constructed from lightweight and corrosion-resistant Aluminium, and it comes with a detachable cage.


It also boasts a premium powder-coated finish and features the distinctive SUPER73 'icon' logo laser engraved on it. For added security, tamper-proof hardware is included. With dimensions of 41.9 x 31.75 x 15.87 cm, this crate is spacious enough to hold two grocery bags. Additionally, it is compatible with the Rear Cargo Rack accessory.

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