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Tern Hauler Rack

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Tern Hauler Rack


Introducing the Hauler Rack, the perfect front rack for all your cargo-carrying needs. Designed to strike the perfect balance between size and maneuverability, this Goldilocks-sized rack can carry a substantial amount of cargo while still allowing you to navigate your bike effortlessly. Its open-ended design and bungee cord make it versatile, ready to carry backpacks, boxes, and other bulky items.


Plus, with mounting holes on the base, you can easily attach a crate for a semi-permanent solution to transport groceries or smaller items. Check out our Cargo Guide for tips on safely carrying cargo on your bike. With a frame-mounted design and a capacity of up to 20 kg (44 lb), the Hauler Rack is your go-to solution. And to top it off, it includes two rear-facing bottle cage mounts and is compatible with Quick Release CMT for easy installation and removal in under a minute.


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