The 2018 Haibike Carbon Range Compared
The 2018 Haibike Carbon Range Compared

The 2018 Haibike Carbon Range Compared

One of the most exciting elements of any Haibike eBike range announcements are the specs of the latest Haibike Carbon eBikes. 2018 is no exception.

There are three different Haibike Carbon’s this year, the xDuro Full Seven Carbon 8.0, the xDuro Full Seven Carbon 9.0 and the the xDuro Full Seven Carbon 10.0.

All three of these bikes are available in 40cm, 45cm and 50cm frames, that are made of pure Carbon Fibre. All three come with the most powerful Bosch motor, the Bosch Performance CX 250v and a Bosch Nyon display and the latest Bosch Powerpack, so given this what is the difference between the three? The short answer is the individual components of each. In general, the Carbon 8.0, while still using extremely high end components uses slightly less high end components that the Carbon 9.0 and 10.0. The latter in many cases use the same brand for their brakes, suspension and gears but with the 10.0 using components a step up from the 9.0.


All three of these bikes come with full suspension the Carbon 8.0 with SR Suntour Axon RL-R while the Carbon 9.0 and 10.0 use Fox Float components, with the 10.0 featuring a FOX Float X2 Factory damper.


All three eBikes use Magura brakes, a testament to the quality of brake Magura make, with the Carbon 8.0 using MT4’s the 9.0 using MT54’s and the Carbon 10.0 using MT8’s that include carbon elements.


All three bikes use Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres, again showing how respected Schwalbe have become particularly within the eBike community where hard wearing tyres are a must.


While the Carbon 8.0 uses SRAM components for it’s gearing system the 9.0 and 10.0 both favour Shimano with the 10.0 featuring the Shimano XTR DI2 M9050 Shadow Plus derailleur.


The Carbon 8.0 will be available in Carbon, Gold and Blue, the 9.0 in Carbon, Red and Silver and the 10.0 in Carbon, Silver and Orange.


The official UK prices for the Haibike carbon range have not been released yet however we know the Euro prices are set at $4999, $6999, $12999 for the Haibike Carbon 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 correspondingly.


All Haibike Carbon’s are made to order in Germany and as a result sometimes the wait can be considerable. As a result, we would recommend getting in your order early if you are interested by ringing 0207 111 0977.

The Haibike Carbon range exemplify eBike technology at it’s most cutting edge, if you want an eBike that is second to none, this is your option.

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