The all new Riese & Müller Cargo Range for 2023
The all new Riese & Müller Cargo Range for 2023

The all new Riese & Müller Cargo Range for 2023

Make the school run more fun!

Riese & Müller have made significant updates to their electric cargo bike range for 2023, with three existing models being redefined and two brand new bikes coming into their portfolio. If you’re a parent or guardian and looking into the very best in cargo bikes, you may have met your match with this line-up.


*Available to order from January 2023.

It’s going to take some beating to knock the Tern GSD off the compact eCargo throne, and with the Moustache Lundi 20 already being fiercely popular amongst our riders, as well as the Benno Boost-E and Multicharger 750 in tow as more orthodox longtail eBikes, the rear-loading cargo bike category is brimming with brilliant options already. However, in comes the Riese & Müller MultiTinker, which despite its compact frame, looks already like a cargo bike of significant stature.

As the name would suggest, the bike combines two of Riese & Müller’s most popular models, the 26 inch wheeled Multicharger and the 20 inch urban standout performer, the Tinker. The intention from Riese & Müller is to close the gap between its orthadox bicycles, and the front-loading options visible in its Load, Packster and Transporteur models.

The MultiTinker is designed to take two kids or a small adult on the rear carrier of the bike, with and at a maximum vehicle weight of 200kg. It is controlled by the Bosch Smart System, has a fully integrated 625Wh PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX motor from Bosch and has a low center of gravity, to keep you fully in control of your ride.

A lovely new addition to the MultiTinker comes in the shape of its new ‘frame bag’, an integrated storage facility that has a combination lock, ideal for an iPad, gym kit and a water bottle! Paying homage to its cousin, the MultiTinker has adopted the Tinker’s adjustable stem, with the angle and height being able to be adjusted, making it the perfect everyday bike for the whole family or group of friends to ride.

Load4 60 and Load4 75

*Available to order from December 2022.

The Load4 improves upon the already critically-acclaimed Load 60 and 75 models, which has stood alongside the Urban Arrow Family for many years as one of the best front-loading cargo bikes on the market.

Whether you are looking for a 60 or 75cm front box, the Load4 still champions the trademark Riese & Müller Control Technology (rear-suspension for us regular mortals!). Three children can fit in the Load 75, owing to its box being 50% larger than the 60, which can take up to two children.

New to the Load4 is the Bosch Smart System, which now comes as standard with a 545Wh PowerPack battery or 725Wh upgrade. There is the opportunity to now have the brand new Bosch Anti-Braking-System (ABS) which prevents tyres from slipping, the rear wheel from lifting and the whole bike skidding out to the side.

As with the majority of Riese & Müller models, both the Load4 60 and the Load4 75 have the option of being able to go to ‘GX’, which uses grippier tyres for more rural terrain and rougher weather conditions.

The Packster 70 is back!

After the Packster 70’s international recall last year, it’s brilliant to see the bike back where it belongs. The Packster has a far bigger front box than the Load, and is arguably better catered towards strictly urban commutes than its front-box counterpart, which is a hybrid cargo bike, suited for any adventure.

The biggest advancement comes in the Packster’s new ability to cater for Control Technology. Now similar to that of the Load, Homage, Delite and Superdelite models, the Packster can now offer supreme comfort for the rider and his or her precious cargo thanks to rear suspension.

Riese & Müller, in their return release of this model, have reduced the steering angle from 85 degrees to 65 degrees in both directions, which prevents the risk of getting into an understeering problem.The front forks have also been adapted to allow for more stiffness when turning.

The big front box can take two child seats, and has a new headrest that is both a comfort and safety feature. An adjustable child seat now comes with a different mechanism that makes it more robust and easier to slide, a modified seat belt buckle, and an enlarged kickstand.  All seem like minor adjustments,but they go to show the level of detail used to make the ride as comfortable and secure as possible for the little’uns!

Transporter 65

Riese & Müller have now created the ‘all-rounder’ front-loading cargo bike! The Transporteur 65 is the perfect choice for carrying the kids, the dog or your goods at any-one time!

The overall finish of the Transporteur 65 is not as manicured as the Load4 and Packster 70 models, which are primarily designed to carry children. Instead it has a flexible front box and board that can double down as a box for carrying cargo, or two front seats for carrying children.

The side door in the box makes getting in and out of the box a walk in the park, whilst the footwell ensures a nice, comfortable seat position for the kids. A continuous Enviolo 380 and carbon belt drive combines with the Bosch Cargo Line motor, to make it easy and maintenance free to get around, whilst giving you the most assistance from any motor.

We will be putting product pages out on all of these models over the coming fortnight, so please keep tabs on the Riese & Müller brand page for more information and happy riding. In the words of Riese & Müller, ‘who needs a car, then?’

For an up close and personal look at the new Riese & Müller Range, we had the DJI camera out at Eurobike, with Ben and Henry giving their initial thoughts – see below!

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.