The benefits of commuting by eBike
The benefits of commuting by eBike

The benefits of commuting by eBike

Save money for what matters, take in the sun, save time during your hectic day, sustainability, well-being - these key points make eBiking to work pure joy.

In the coming fortnight we’ll be releasing the best 2021 eBikes for any commuter wanting to get to and from work. But what are the benefits of switching over to this mode of transport? Here’s our reasons as to why:


Save money for what matters

Millions of people put up with our cities’ networks every day. Yet why do we do it? Because it’s the cheapest and invariably the quickest way you get to work, right? Think again. Even if you don’t do it that often, commuting isn’t cheap. Three underground trips in central London per day could cost you £14.70 (!) with most urban commuters averaging out at £7.20 a day to get to and from work during rush-hour. But what if you could take back control of your commute and do so at the fraction of the cost? One of the reasons we revolted against the urban-norm is to make life more cost-effective for London and other city commuters. After your one-time purchase (and not to mention having Cycle-to-Work schemes and finance applications in place at Fully Charged) you could save, at the very least, over £1,850 a year on your daily commute (5x £7.20: doesn’t include weekend travel).


Take in the sun

The smiles on our customers faces when they take one of our bikes for their first test-spin is unparalleled. We always pose to them the same question. What is it that you personally like about cycling? Is it the freedom, the fresh air, the glorious sights? Now imagine you can have all of that whilst adjusting your effort to suit how you’re feeling, or being able to ride for a longer period of time because you don’t get fatigued as quickly. You’re still exercising and reaping all the same enjoyment of cycling, but it’s less stressful and chaotic, giving you the time to enjoy and relax across the city sights.


Save time during your hectic day

From cost savings to time savings and unlike the District line, there aren't any delays. You’re only up against yourself in the battle to get to work in a calm and collected manner. With a healthy top speed of 15.5 miles per hour on a motor, and the electric pedal-assist backing you up as and when you want it, there’s no need to show your colleagues at work that leg-burn in lycra. You can officially arrive at work unflustered and in your finest threads.



The eBike benefits over more traditional modes of transport are obvious. According to when comparing CO2 emissions, an e-bike emits 23x less carbon per year than most cars! It is the alternative for anyone who needs to cover greater distances at a relatively high speed considering our bikes in store can do between 30-120 miles on a single charge as opposed to going for the dreaded petrol pump.



We’re all in need of being in a good mental health state. If you’re looking for an ability to cope easier with stress or anxiety, anyone who practices eBikes and spends more time outside undoubtedly realises the health benefits it can offer. We believe that eBikes categorically promotes mental wellbeing and as such are here to put you in a good mental place as you arrive and leave from work.

Stay tuned over the coming two weeks to see what eBikes we think you should be commuting to work to over the next year.

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.