The Best Electric Bikes of 2015 for under £1000
The Best Electric Bikes of 2015 for under £1000

The Best Electric Bikes of 2015 for under £1000

June has finally arrived and the sun is becoming ever present in London. Fully Charged has bolstered its recruits of electric bicycles for the 2015 summer season and we are excited about everyone’s hunger for cycling. The electric bicycle manufactures are growing rapidly each year and this summer proves to us that the electric bicycle scene has exciting times ahead. We have gained a wealth of experience this last year spending a lot of time looking across all the bikes on the market and we believe we now have a selection of bicycles for every purpose made by the most reliable engineering companies from across Europe and the World.

Originals A2B Kuo and Benelli Classica

New in – Benelli City Link Sport and Benelli Letizia

Benelli with their rich heritage in the motorcycle industy and using the latest Smasung Lithium ion batteries they are proving to us that they have a commitment to the future transport culture and are producing great bikes to encourage everyone out of the car and onto a bike more regularly. The City Link is a compact, fun bike that fits in anywhere around London and the stylish Benelli Letizia 28” male bike to partner up next the 26” Classica which now comes in cream or black

All of these bikes will take you 20-60 miles power assisted; with removable batteries that take 3-4 hours to charge. They come in a range of colours including limited edition A2B Kuo in Green or Canary Yellow.

To get each bicycles vital statistics please visit the direct links to our website where you have the option to compare different bikes and see what other methods for the future transport culture that we offer. To settle any curiosities or preconceived ideas you may have about electric bikes please send us a short email or call to arrange a test ride on 5 very different electric bicycles to see for yourself where the cycling revolution is heading.

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