The Best Electric Folding Bikes of Summer 2015

This summer some fantastic electric folding bikes have been released so there are now plenty to choose from. But how do they fair head to head? We have a selection of four of our favorite folders featured here from Italy, Spain, China and the UK.

Benelli Foldecity – £799

The Italians have once again made a fantastic electric bicycle. With their heritage in the motorcycle industry they now have a dedicated factory for their electric bicycle division that has produced this fantastic entry level electric bicycle. The large Samsung 24V battery is fitted horizontally on the rear rack of the bike, this is a proven design and gives you the option to fit panniers to the rack for extra storage. The bike is key operated and its neat and tidy design is made with good spec folding components. It has four power modes that will provide you with assisted power for up to 50km.

A2B Kuo – £995

Hero Eco the Chinese company behind A2B dominate the electric bike market in India and China. The Kuo really shows that well designed and manufactured electric bikes can be produced in China.  It comes in a range of colours from yellow to green and has a compact horizontal battery that is easily charged and changed. It even has the added accelerator to aid the power assist and will easily get you 50kms. Like the Foldecity the Kuo is also a 20” folder Bi-folding and pops in half ready to be taken or stored almost anywhere. The small screen on the handlebars displays battery life, power modes, distance and speed.

Emotion Neo Volt Sport Lite – £1,948.99

The striking concave arched frame has its battery subtly integrated into the frame this makes the bike look stunning. Emotion use a lifting mechanism to fold this bike in two which uses the gravitational pull to the cyclists advantage and means the main frame is super sturdy. This bike offers five power modes including ‘no assistance’ and has a 6 speed thumb finger shimano gearing. The screen is clear and easy to take on and off.

Gocycle G2 – £2799

Warning this is not an electric bike, this is the future of transport. This piece of engineering art has remodelled almost every angle of a folding bicycle and created a method of transport tech that can rival the cars Richard Thorp used to design for Mclaren. Made of Magnesium alloy this dual motor bike re-evaluates the speed to weight ratios making it a responsive, agile and a stunningly crafted commuter bicycle. By rotating the frame at the crank to fold, the structural integrity of this bike has not been compromised. This bike takes a minute longer to fold than the others but the lightest folder of the four features LED display for power, speed and gears. It has its own smartphone app to fully customisable power setting that also logs all distances. Gears couldn’t be simpler to change; the fully enclosed chain leaves the rider to wear whatever they please never feared of chain oil stains.

Written by fullyblogadmin