The Best Family Cargo Bikes In 2023
The Best Family Cargo Bikes In 2023

The Best Family Cargo Bikes In 2023

Your new car could be a cargo bike

Tired of the same old everyday? The faff of getting into a packed car, road-rage in rush-hour, a crick in the neck as one hand is on the wheel and the other is picking up a pokémon card on the floor. All whilst the sat navigation and your precious cargo are screaming down at you. Is this what morning commutes are always going to be like? It doesn’t have to be…

Decade of the cargo bike

Here at Fully Charged we’re all about making the school run more fun with the very best family cargo bikes! We are fortunate to stock the world’s leading electric bike manufacturers, and with this being the decade of the cargo bike, we want to share our top family cargo bike picks for 2023!

Riese & Müller Multitinker

A brand new model from leading German electric bike manufacturer, Riese & Müller, the Multitinker is a step through electric bike that is able to carry either two children or one adult with its rear loading rack. It is an ideal option for parents who are looking for a cargo bike that can accommodate growing children. The passenger kit comes with a foam bench and handles, or alternatively the passenger safety kit has a railing that can comfortably fit two children inside.

The Multitinker’s low centre of gravity and 20-inch wheels combine to provide stability, even when carrying rear passengers - creating a ride experience that is not dissimilar to a normal analogue bike.

Featuring the new Bosch Smart System, with a best-in-class Performance Line CX motor and a fully integrated 625Wh battery; the Multitinker is going to be a standout option for 2023.

Tern GSD

Our best selling electric bike at Fully Charged is the Tern GSD. Loved by many for its stable ride handling characteristics, the Tern GSD is a smooth, comforting ride, even when carrying passengers. Tern Bicycles are the pioneers of the compact cargo category, with the Tern GSD all being about ‘Getting Stuff Done’.

A fantastic option for a women’s electric bike, the small 20-inch wheels, low centre of gravity, front suspension forks combine to create a balanced ride that can handle bumpy urban roads. With a plethora of accessories, the GSD can carry two children; either in Yepp Maxi child seats or on the passenger bench. The GSD is a bike that can be ridden by all riders from those who are 4ft11 to 6ft6, thanks to the angle and height adjustable cockpit.

Whilst the GSD is available in a number of models, the S10 and R14 versions are our best selling configurations at Fully Charged. The S10 model comes with the Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur gearing system, whilst R14 has a Gates Carbon Belt Drive and the Rohloff E-14 electric gearing system.

Urban Arrow Family

The iconic Urban Arrow Family model emanates Dutch style, taking influence from a culture of utility cycling.

The front loading box has space for two children, whilst an additional inwards facing bench can also accommodate a third child. The Maxi-Cosi seat adaptor means young babies can be carried in the Family too. With 5-point seatbelts and an EPP foam box, safety and security have been engineered into the bike's design.

More efficient than sitting in a traffic jam on the way to gymnastics practice, this is a cargo bike that is here to change up family travel in urban environments. Specially designed rain covers are also available to keep heads dry whatever the weather. Get ready to leave the car on the driveway!

Riese & Müller Load4 75

Riese & Müller’s flagship cargo bike, the Load 75 is comparable to the brand new Land Rover Defenders of their fleet. Luxurious, practical and incredibly reactive, the Load4 75 feels sporty to ride - even when carrying passengers.

Whether you’re transporting children or cargo, the Control Technology system which consists of a rear swing arm and fully loaded front suspension fork, keeps you grounded on both tarmac and off-road terrain. Updated for 2023, the new Load4 75 includes the new Bosch Smart System - an exciting update from Bosch which brings features such as alarms, GPS mapping and ABS to the table. Paired with the Intuvia 100 or Kiox 300 head unit, the eBike Flow app lets you access over-the-air updates.

Able to carry up to 3 children, the Load4 75 is a versatile electric cargo bike that is suitable for the weekend explorer and weekday school runner!

Benno Boost-E Low Step

The Benno Boost-E is as versatile as it is good looking. Radiating a sense of cool, calm and collected, the Boost-E embodies Benno’s concept of ‘Etility’ - a term they use to sum up their approach towards integrating looks, cargo and ride handling into one.

The Benno Boost-E has a gross vehicle weight rating of 200kg and can be adapted to carry a range of cargo thanks to Benno’s RackTime accessory range. The sturdy rear rack can carry two child seats, whilst there is the option for a passenger bench and safety rail, perfect for an older child.

Powered by the Bosch Performance Line motor with 300% pedal assistance, the Boost-E comes with a Bosch 500Wh PowerPack battery but can also be upgraded to carry a second 500Wh battery if desired.

Riese & Müller Packster 70

Back in business after an international recall in 2022, the Riese & Müller Packster 70 is looking better than ever. Equipped with a number of new features including a supportive headrest, improved seat belts, reduced turning circle to prevent oversteering and most notably the option of the Control Technology package, the Packster 70 offers comfortable, dynamic family transport.

Well suited to families with older children, the large front box has a 240 litre volume and can carry up 3 children or one adult, whilst the double child seat can also be folded flat - perfect for the weekly food shop.

Having test ridden the new Packster 70 at Riese & Müller’s HQ in Germany back in November, we noticed how much additional comfort the Control Technology provides along bumpy urban roads - so much so, our Head of Content, Jake Armstrong, has recently purchased a Packster 70 to transport his cocker spaniel around London!

Moustache Lundi 20.3

A true workhorse with a dose of French style, the Moustache Lundi 20 is both powerful and practical.

Equipped with the most powerful motor in Bosch’s repertoire, the Cargo Line, the Lundi 20.3 offers up to up to 400% pedal assistance and 85 Nm of torque. A long range electric bike, the Lundi 20.3 Dual model comes with two 500Wh Bosch PowerPacks - ensuring you’ll be able to do the school run and make it to after school swimming.

The MIK rear rack can host a range of accessories including two child seats and crates, whilst an additional front carrier tray is ideal for carrying groceries. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 200kg, the Lundi 20.3 can adapt to your cargo needs. Much like the Multitinker and GSD, the Lundi 20.3 can also be stored vertically, making it perfect for urban dwellers.

Gazelle Makki Load

Ride like the Dutch! The first bike ever designed by Dutch bike brand Gazelle, the Makki Load is a great entry-level family cargo bike. Packed with safety features, high-rise views for young passengers and a Bosch Performance Line motor - it offers an efficient alternative to using the car.

The rear bench comes with 2 sets of easy to use 5 point seat belts, whilst children can easily hop into the Makki themselves thanks to the accessible cut-out. There is also the option of carrying a third passenger with the additional bench.

School bags, swim kits, dog leads; family life can come with plenty of baggage. The additional storage drawer is perfect for keeping smaller items safe, whilst a range of other accessories are also available, such as rain covers and baby seat adapters for young children.

Benno RemiDemi

Often compared to the Mini Cooper, the Benno RemiDemi is a ball of fun. With its compact 20 inch tyres and bright colour options, getting from A to B is simply enjoyable when riding the RemiDemi.

With a weight rating of 40kg, the Remi Demi’s rear rack is compatible with a multitude of different Benno accessories. One child can be carried in a Yepp Maxi child seat, whilst the Passenger Kit and Jump Seat can accommodate an older child. An additional front carrier rack can carry school bags, crates and baskets.

Equipped with the punchy Bosch Performance line motor, the RemiDemi is a cheeky eCargo that will fire you up the hills and cruise through the streets in style!

Tern HSD

The GSD’s younger, smaller sibling, the HSD is perfect for transporting one child around town, whilst its short stature and vertical parking makes it compact enough to be stored in tight corners.

Equipped with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor or Performance Line motor and a 400Wh Bosch PowerPack battery, the HSD offers between 25 and 90 miles of range depending on assistance mode, rider and cargo.

Able to fit one Thule Yepp Maxi, Yepp Nexxt Maxi or Bobike GO Maxi child seat without adaptation, the HSD P9 is also compatible with Clubhouse Fort Mini to keep heads dry all year round. A front carrier rack is also available with compatible bags or crates. Easy and comfortable to ride, this is a small but efficient eCargo bike.

Written by Issy Hobday