Top 6 women's e-bikes
Top 6 women's e-bikes

Top 6 women's e-bikes

In 2015, Transport for London reported that 23 million journeys are made by bike annually in the capital. However, despite these promising figures, only 27% of riders are female – highlighting a significant gender imbalance. British cycling is actively trying to encourage more women into riding and have set a target to get another 1 million women cycling by 2020.

Distance and the need to shower or change at work deter many female cyclists from changing their commute. However, e-bikes offer an ideal solution to these problems by combining convenience, enjoyment and reduced effort.

There is definitely an e-bike to suit everyone and below we list some of the top women’s e-bikes on the market:

1. Benelli Classica

benlli classica

Price £1,099.00
Range Up to 40 miles
Weight 22kg
Charge time 5 hours

The Italian made Benelli Classica is a stylish and practical option for urban riding. This bike offers numerous benefits from being environmentally friendly, having a quick charge time, a lightweight but stable frame, travelling with ease and an eye-catching sophisticated design. The concealed battery in the main frame allows the rear rack to be used to carry bags or attach a child seat and a leather spring saddle provides comfort over any distance.

2. GoCycle G3


Price £3,299.00
Range 50 miles
Weight 16.3kg
Charge time 5 hours

The GoCycle G3 is the lightest e-bike in production, which automatically makes this a practical option, particularly for female riders who don’t want a heavy frame. The G3 has a sleek and attractive frame; concealed chain and LED display to show charge level. It is also foldable so can be stored neatly, perfect for city riding to and from the office.

3. Raleigh Motus Low Step 2016


Price £1,999.00
Range Up to 100 miles
Weight 23.5kg
Charge time 5 hours

Raleigh have partnered with Bosch to offer the Motus Low Step. This well equipped and attractive hybrid bike is well suited to both town and rural riding. It has a larger frame, comfortable gel saddle, a rear light, full mudguard set and a pannier rack. It offers an extremely comfortable and smooth ride thanks to a front suspension system, lighter frame and a 400wh battery too so can transition from city road cycling to hilly trails with ease.

4. Moustache Lundi 26 10S


Price £2,099.00
Range Up to 100 miles
Weight 23.9kg
Charge time 4 hours

The Moustache Lundi is a perfect modern urban e-bike. It has an eye-catching, bold and cool design while offering a multitude of features. The Lundi has a concealed battery, front/rear lights, mudguards, a rear luggage rack and broader tyres, which provide a smooth ride and optimum comfort.

5. A2B Kuo+


Price £1,299.00
Range 37 miles
Weight 19kg
Charge time 4-6 hours

The A2B Kuo+ is a stylish folding model of e-bike, ideal for an urban commute. The sleek and lightweight design means that you are able to make journeys quickly and efficiently and a 37 mile range allow you to travel further afield too. The bike comes with an LED display to show ride stats, a thumb throttle for extra oomph, front and back LED lights, a luggage rack and a lightweight aluminium frame.

6. Haibike Sduro Hardlife SL


Price £1,895.00
Range Up to 100 miles
Weight 21.1kg
Charge time 3 hours

The Haibike SDuro Hardlife SL is a specifically designed e-bike for women. Subtle adaptations like handlebar positioning, saddle style and design make this a very attractive choice for female riders. It can be ridden off-road comfortably, thanks to a 10 speed gear system and suspension or on-road too with little resistance.

Check out the  Fully Charged website for more models, information and ordering options.

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