What eBike is right for you?
What eBike is right for you?

What eBike is right for you?

Your eBike for all reasons.

People buy bikes for lots of reasons. More and more, riders, old and new alike, are considering what a bike needs to do for them, rather than simply buying the latest model.

This pragmatism has brought new customers to eBikes and is demanding that eBike designers constantly re-examine how they meet newly described requirements.

As an eBike retailer, we are acutely conscious that every customer who walks through the door is different.

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What has changed?

The two fastest-growing UK consumer segments are the over 65s and Generation Z (Courier Media), so it would be odd if all we stocked were road bikes and mountain bikes for weekend warriors. Our customers’ motivation to buy varies widely, whether for health, leisure, fitness or commuting reasons:

It might be to get mum to work during the week, for taking the kids to school, when dad does the shopping, for touring country lanes to look for a pub (with or without the kids) or completely replacing a car - all these have featured on the list of reasons customers have bought an eBike from us.

Happily, today, you can buy one bike for all reasons and all seasons.

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Function and form

Of course, eBikes should look good. Yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A Riese and Muller Multicharger that can carry two people or one rider with a week’s worth of shopping may be just what one person loves, while a Tern GSD might be the answer for someone else doing exactly the same job.

A Moustache Lundi could be the perfect weekend bike for one person, while a Riese and Muller Swing could do it for the next guy through the door.

Whatever your eBike has to do, and whatever it needs to look like, we’ve got the perfect solution.

With new brands and product developments coming this summer, keep visiting www.fullycharged.com for updates, or sign up to alerts.

Book a test ride at Fully Charged Silverstone here or call 01865 522 122 so we can talk about your options.

Written by Tristan