Your Essential 'Couch to 5K!' eBike Training Plan!
Your Essential 'Couch to 5K!' eBike Training Plan!

Your Essential 'Couch to 5K!' eBike Training Plan!

Conquer 5k with your eBike. Fully Charged Silverstone

This is the time of year when, according to the weekend papers, the couch is the place to leave and 5K is the distance to move. It doesn’t matter if you swim, run or skateboard, there’s a training plan to help that you do get to that 5K milestone. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to eBiking 5K, should you have little to no previous experience of riding a bike.

Step 1 - get an eBike… it’s that easy, and that quick!

Step 2 – ride 5K!

eBikes with the Bosch motor system, the market-leader, have five levels of assistance; ‘Off’, ‘Eco’, ‘Tour’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Turbo’. Each mode has varying level of assistance, outputting power based on the amount of pedal effort you put in!

Turbo mode offers you the maximum output of power from the motor, and can in some models of eBikes gain you up to 340% pedal assistance! Anyone in all shapes and sizes is capable of doing 5k in turbo mode, even a couch potato like myself (!) so hop on and take in the sights as the electric-assist flattens those roads for you. 

Think a level down in sport mode is hard work? Think again. This setting, whilst not putting out as much pedal assistance as turbo mode, will still mean you arrive at 5K quicker than you can possible imagine… and more importantly it will mean you get a taste for eBiking!

For a chance of you eking out your 5K, and a chance for you to take in your surroundings, try ‘Tour’ mode. You will still finish the 5K challenge in no time at all and may end up looking for longer challenges. 

And finally, try using ‘Eco’ mode. For those that still want to excercise during their 5K, this is the perfect option. You’ll still be putting in effort, and you’ll be saving lots of the juice from the battery, which means you could go up to 80 miles on a single charge!

Yes, you may feel like you’re still having too much fun. Yes, you’ll see 5K come up on your screen before you’ve really got going and… yes, you’ll be tempted to keep going.

It’s likely that the best thing, if you’re worried about not having fun cycling, is to start with an eBike from Fully Charged.

On the other hand, if you want a 5K challenge that could lead to a serious addiction to fun and fresh air, an eBike could be perfect for you.

Written by Tristan Allan