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Unique Electric Bikes

Fully Charged are committed to bringing you the most exciting and best performing unique electric bikes available from around the globe. We have several electric bike manufacturer's per day email with a request to stock their brand, so we take great pride in choosing which eBikes make the Fully Charged line up.

Unique eBikes from the likes of Super 73, Vintage Electric, Gocycle, Desiknio, Coboc and more.

The Full E-Bike Range

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Tern HSD P9


Moustache Lundi 27.5 2021

Out Of Stock

Klever X Commuter

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Out Of Stock

Gocycle G3C Electric Bike

Custom Order 12 - 24 weeks

Desiknio Pinion Classic

Ready for Fast Delivery

Desiknio Pinion Classic LTD


Vintage Electric Tracker

Out Of Stock

M55 Riviera Gold


Moustache Samedi 27 X 2 Trekking 2020


Vintage Electric Scrambler


Vintage Electric Roadster