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Here you'll find reduced priced electric bikes from top brands including Moustache, Riese & Muller, Haibike, Raleigh, KTM and more.

Each eBike in this section has a reason for it's discount, be it display model, ex-demo, damage to paintwork or second hand. You can find this information in the eBike's description.

All of our discounted eBikes are have been serviced by our technicians to ensure the bike's in the best condition possible before leaving our showroom.

Fully Charged's network of eBike enthusiasts, collectors and riders means we often source great quality second hand electric bikes, so keep checking this page for rare opportunities.

eBikes over £2000 can be delivered for free anywhere in the UK.

Out Of Stock

KTM Macina Gran 8 2019 - Sale
£3,399.00 Now £2,850.00

Out Of Stock

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 7 Open 2019 - Sale
£3,599.00 Now £2,990.00