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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an Ebike?

Easy Breezy

Riding an ebike is one of the most enjoyable ways to get around. It also makes light of tough conditions, whether you are hill climbing or facing a raging headwind, you can up the power and breeze through the any conditions. Feel the wind in your face and not the sweat down your back.

No Sweat

It is well known that a bicycle is the most efficient method of transport in a city, with consistent journey times. But commuters will often turn up to work sweaty and in need of a shower. An ebike allows you to travel further distances and when you arrive, you feel refreshed, not sticky.

Cheap to run

The initial purchase does not seem cheap, but costs are a minimal. Especially if you use the cycle to work scheme or other finance schemes bikes start from £1.25/day - This compared to public transport methods and driving, it’s a total bargain and much more efficient!

Road Safety

Although safety is still hot topic in London for cycling, infrastructure in London is improving rapidly. The versatility of an ebike allows more constant speeds, giving riders more confidence. The biggest risk in cycling is the cyclist themselves taking unnecessary risks to keep their speed up. On an ebike accelerating from 0-15mph is a total pleasure. So stopping for red lights and slowing down in a moment of uncertainty becomes a joy so you can feel the wind in your face once more.

What’s the range?

Crank systems such as Bosch & Yamaha are the most efficient and vary in ranges from 40miles – 120 miles.

Hub Motors such as Gocycle, Benelli and other brands can vary between 20 miles – 50 miles, sometimes more.

The reason the ranges are so varied is because of hills, weight and most importantly all ebikes have power variance so if you ride in eco mode vs sport mode it affects the range.

How fast can I go?

EU law states that for road use, electric bicycles must stop assisting at 15.5 MPH then you can push faster with your legs if you want. For off road use you can de-restrict your ebike allowing speeds of over 30MPH however this can void the manufactures warranty.

What’s the deal with charging?

Depending on the battery, charge times range between 2 hours and 5 hours. All of our bikes use lithium ion technology meaning you don’t have to let the battery run flat before charging them up. A lithium battery will hold its charge for around 500 charge cycles before it will start to lose its life. With heavy usage the battery should last 2-3 years or light usage 4 -7 years. A good replacement battery will cost between £300 - £600

What happens if I need tech support?

We have a dedicated very capable service center that can deal with any ebike problems, even if you have not purchased the bike from us. We provide official warranty repair for all the brands we stock.

All new ebikes sold by Fully Charged have a 2-year warranty, we also offer a free 6 month health check on all bikes sold.

What size is right for me?

Our Size Guide is coming soon

Do I need a license to ride an ebike?

No, you do not. It qualifies as a standard bicycle as long as it emits 250Watts and the assistance is limited to 15.5mph. However you must be over 14 years old to ride on the road.

Can I try before buying?

Absolutely, we try to encourage test rides for as much as possible. You can come to our showroom on Bermondsey Street and test out a number of bikes we have in store, and we can talk you through what bike best fits your needs.

International Orders?

Inside the EU – We offer shipping at competitive rates, VAT will not be discounted for EU Purchases and delivery should take 2-4 days. We can also offer a more competitive rate over by road, please get in touch and we can offer you a quote (this option can take up to 10 days for delivery.

Rest of the world – We offer tax free sales for all international countries outside the EU, sometimes it is worth getting in touch directly if you are not satisfied with your auto generated shipping quote. Especially if you are ordering more than 1 bike we can combine shipping depending on the bike.

Please note on all purchases outside the UK we can not cover any shipping costs under warranty if the bike has a problem and it requires a new part we must charge for shipping. Please also note all our bikes have been carefully tested checked and we rarely experience problems, should there be a problem we will do our best