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RavX Design Agent X1 Multitool
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RavX Design Agent X1 Multitool


RavX Design Agent X1 Multitool

This compact tool is a vital companion for any cyclist, eBike or otherwise! Need to adjust your saddle height, tighten your stem, repostion your handlebars on the move? You’re going to need a tool to help.

The Agent X1 features:

  • 8 hex wrenches – 2,3,4,5 & 6mm heads,
  • 1 Flat head screwdriver,
  • 1 Philips head screwdriver,
  • T25 Torx.

The compact design of the tool allows the user to get to the fiddly attachments their eBike may have. This combined with a strong design and steel body means this tool is the ideal accompaniment across rides of all distances.

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