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The Riese & Müller Multitinker Spotlight

Has the Tern GSD met its match? Riese & Müller’s first ever rear-loading cargo bike - the Multitinker is the ultimate family transport option.

Words By Issy Hobday

Riese & Müller Multitinker Spotlight


Combining the best features from two of Riese & Müller’s standout models, the Tinker and the Multicharger, this brand new model opens the door to rear-loading cargo bikes within the Riese & Müller range.

Propelled to popularity by models such as the Tern GSD, rear loading cargo bikes offer a money, time and hassle saving solution to family transport, whilst their stable handling characteristics have made them a favourable choice by an increasing number of parents.

Renowned for their precise German engineering, Riese & Müller create electric bikes that are designed with purpose in mind, from components that are made to last. Here at Fully Charged, we’ve been stocking Riese & Müller electric bikes for over 7 years and we’re super excited to see our German friends enter the rear-loading cargo bike game.

We took a trip to Riese & Müller’s HQ to see the new Multitinker in the flesh - here are our highlights.


A fun compact cargo bike

What makes the Multitinker particularly attractive is that it rides just like a normal sized bike, even when carrying passengers. Its low centre of gravity, compact 20 inch wheels and rear-loading design combine to create a cargo bike that offers balanced and stable handling. Most importantly, it’s just exceptionally fun to ride!

With a shorter total length than its front loading counterparts, such as the Load 60 or the Packster 70, the Multitinker is well suited to urban living as it doesn’t require a spaceship to be stored in. The 20 inch wheels and stem can be folded down too, so whether you’ve only got a corridor to work with, the Multitinker is a space-saving cargo bike.

New Bosch Smart System and ABS technology

Released by Bosch in 2022, the Multitinker is one of the first rear-loading cargo bikes to feature the Smart System - a piece of technology not currently available with the Tern GSD. Representing the latest in eBike technology, the new integrated Bosch Smart System is equipped with a wealth of new features including the ability to lock and unlock the bike via your smartphone along with a surprisingly loud alarm, as well as having GPS navigation. The Smart System also allows for over-the-air updates via the eBike Flow App, meaning you can easily keep up with the latest changes from Bosch.

Based on technology used within cars and motorcycles, the new Bosch ABS (Automatic Braking System) technology is a feature we’re particularly happy to see on the Multitinker. The ABS technology allows you to use both brakes without the front wheel locking up and skidding, ultimately providing more stability, safety and comfort to rider and passengers.

To read more about the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, new integrated Bosch PowerTube 625Wh battery upgrade and various head unit options, read here - Multitinker Product Page

Welcoming all passengers aboard

Able to carry either two children or one adult, the Multitinker has a rear-cargo carrying capacity of 65kg, making it an ideal option for parents who are looking for a cargo bike that can accommodate growing children. The rear rack can accommodate two child seats for children up to 10kg.

The passenger kit includes a foam passenger bench and front handles, as well as spoke protectors that cover the wheels for additional safety. The safety bar is also advised to create a secure environment for young children, whilst the side loaders that come as standard with the Multitinker create a supportive platform for small feet.

The Multitinker can also carry two 42 litre capacity cargo bags that can be attached to the rear rack - perfect for picking up groceries.

Maximum practicality

Equipped for riders from 1.40m to 2.00m in height, the Multitinker is an eBike that can be ridden by all members of the family thanks to the angle and height-adjustable stem. The Multitinker has a number of other nifty features including a lockage storage case which is neatly tucked between the motor and rear wheel; perfect for storing small but essential items. Test ride the new Multitinker.

The new Riese & Müller Multitinker is currently available to test-ride at one of our experience stores in London Bridge, Silverstone, Cornwall and Guildford. We accept a range of Cycle Scheme vouchers and also offer 0% APR finance plans. Get in touch with one of our eBike experts to find out more.

Words By Issy Hobday