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Hiplok E-DXXL Chain & U-Lock Combo

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- The DXXL consists of maximum-security D Lock and heavy-duty loop-end chain, built to withstand the toughest of attacks and carrying a Gold Secure Diamond rating. 

- Our maximum security Hiplok DX is a D-lock with a 14mm premium hardened steel shackle with double locking anti-twist tabs. The lightest Gold Secure Diamond rated D-lock, the DX features Hiplok’s patented CLIP + RIDE system for easy carry-on bag straps and belts – no bracket required. Includes 3 x coded replaceable keys.

- Our maximum security heavy-duty chain features a loop end to give extended locking length when used with a D-lock, making it suitable for multiple bicycle lock up.

- Hiplok DXXL is suitable for securing bicycles and motorcycles and comes with Hiplok Lifetime Warranty.



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