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Hiplok DX1000


Anti-Angle Grinder Lock


- Resists angle grinder attacks
- Sold Secure Diamond Rated
- Lifetime warranty

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Hiplok DX1000 - The Ultimate eBike Lock

Introducing the Hiplok DX1000, the ultimate solution for unbeatable eBike security. As the world's first anti-angle grinder motorcycle D lock, it offers unrivaled protection against potential thefts. Designed as part of our cutting-edge Anti-Angle Grinder 1000 Series, the DX1000 is in a league of its own. With a remarkable 20 times more resistance than standard D locks, this lock has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability.


The DX1000 is versatile and can be easily fitted to most large bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles. Its generous locking area of 205mm x 112mm (L x W) provides ample space for securing your valuable ride. Despite its robust construction, weighing just 2.6kg, the DX1000 remains one of the lightest Sold Secure Diamond rated motorcycle D locks available!


Featuring an innovative anti-angle grinder security system and a square profile design, thieves would need to cut twice to remove this lock. The premium hardened steel shackle is reinforced with graphene for enhanced strength and durability. With both Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star ratings, you can trust the DX1000 to safeguard your eBike.


Rest assured with the included lifetime warranty and three coded replaceable keys. The DX1000's dimensions are as follows: internal locking dimensions of 205mm x 112mm (L x W) and external dimensions of 290mm x 180m (L x W).


Invest in peace of mind with the Hiplok DX1000 - your trusted guardian against theft on every ride.

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