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Hiplok Z Lok Combo Black

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Hiplok Z Lok Combo


Presenting a cutting-edge security concept with diverse applications, Z LOK COMBO redefines the standard. Building upon the lightweight and adjustable zip tie design of the original Z LOK, this innovation introduces an expanded locking circumference and a 3-digit combination mechanism with a reset function.


A versatile companion for your rides, the Z LOK COMBO is compact enough to fit in your jersey pocket while providing reliable security for those essential mid-ride coffee stops. Weighing less than a spare tube, a looped Z LOK COMBO effortlessly slips into your jersey pocket.


Its versatility and adjustable zip tie mechanism make it a good solution for securing and safeguarding Bosch eBike PowerTubes during rides and brief stops. Enjoy peace of mind with this compact, lightweight, and high-performance security solution.


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