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Tern Clubhouse Gen 3

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Tern Clubhouse Gen 3


Transform your GSD into a versatile family minivan with the Clubhouse. Activate the school bus mode to accommodate seating for up to two children. When it's time for errands, easily switch to a cargo container configuration, creating an incredibly spacious rear trunk. Who needs a car when you can do it all?


Equipped with a Child Seat Expansion Bar, it supports up to two rack-mounted child seats. Additionally, convert it into a cozy hangout for two older kids (ages 5-10) measuring 110-140 cm tall when combined with the Clubhouse Backrest and two Clubhouse Seat Pads. The modular design allows you to mix and match seating configurations tailored to your family's current and future needs.


Designed with extended side rails for enhanced hand protection, it also accommodates a 600 X 400 mm Eurocrate for convenient grocery hauling. The Clubhouse includes four bottle mounts for water bottles, coffee mugs, and locks, ensuring you stay hydrated and secure. Supporting vertical parking when the Flat Bar is used, it offers flexibility in storage.

Please note the dimensions and weight: The Clubhouse measures 684 × 551 × 230 mm and weighs 2.73 kg with the Flat Bar. With the Child Seat Expansion Bar, it measures 795 × 551 × 230 mm and weighs 2.80 kg.


Please note the Clubhouse Gen 3 does not come with the child seats, nor seat pads included.


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