Business Cargo Bikes

Using an electric cargo bike can be a smart and sustainable choice for businesses looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance their brand image. eCargo bikes cater for a wide variety of business uses. For example, we've created a video that showcases the Urban Arrow Cargo XL being utilised across 5 different industries.

Electric cargo bikes can navigate narrow streets and reach locations that are inaccessible to larger vehicles. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses that operate in densely populated urban areas, where parking and maneuvering can be a challenge. Learn more about what an eCargo bike is, and the benefits they can offer your business.

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2024 has seen the rise of the electric quadricycle, offering riders shelter from weather, and large carrying capacities. We have written an article explaining the benefits of electric quadricycles, citing VOK, one the market leaders in this category.

Our new electric cargo bike showroom is now open in London Bridge, where we have a host of demo models from Urban Arrow, Vok, Benno, Riese & Müller, Tern & more. Book an appointment to speak to an cargo bike specialist here.

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