The New Dimanche Moustache Electric Gravel Bike
The New Dimanche Moustache Electric Gravel Bike

The New Dimanche Moustache Electric Gravel Bike

Moustache Dimanche 29 Electric Gravel Bike

June 2024 sees the launch of a brand new bike from Moustache, the Dimanche Gravel, an innovative gravel eBike. We had a chat with Steve from Fully Charged New Forest, who's been an avid rider of electric gravel bikes around the New Forest since this category first emerged about 10 years ago. So, let's hear what Steve has to say...

Now, this is a very interesting new bike. While it falls under the gravel bike electric category, it's actually much more versatile than that. Let's delve into some of the key details that set it apart.

What is a Gravel bike?

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The term Gravel Bike has evolved to describe a category of bikes with dropped handlebars, inspired by road bikes but equipped with tyres that are ready for a bit more adventure. Essentially, they're road bikes but with a more upright and relaxed positioning, and big tyres that allow you to venture off-road. 'All-Road' is a fitting description for the versatility these gravel eBikes offer.

Big Tyres - Small Knobs!

Gravel bike Moustache

The key ingredient for a gravel bike is the tyres, as they're what connect you to the ground and dictate where you can go. With big air volume for comfort and small knobs for fast rolling, these 700 x 50mm tyres hit the sweet spot for mixed surfaces, offering speed on tarmac and grip on gravel tracks.

It’s got a Bosch Performance Line SX

Gravel Dimanche bike

At the heart of the bike is the latest Bosch Performance Line SX motor system. This micro-sized motor, paired with a lightweight 400wh battery (or 650wh with the addition of a 250wh range extender battery), represents the cutting edge of eBike technology.

The Bosch crank drive system is celebrated as the most advanced and reliable method to power an eBike. While most gravel eBikes have previously leaned towards hub drive motors for their lightweight advantage, the Bosch SX system reestablishes crank drive as the pinnacle of performance in eGravel bikes.

One of the biggest advantages of the Bosch system is the ride experience. It feels incredibly natural to pedal, with power that's instantly available as soon as you start pedalling and disappears the moment you stop. This seamless integration makes you feel like the power is always coming from you, on a really good day. Unlike other systems, the bike never feels like it's running away from you.

Small but Mighty

Gravel bike Moustache Dimanche

It packs 55nm of power, slightly less than the 75nm and 85nm found on the full power Bosch motors, but it still delivers a similar 600w at full power under high pedal speed. We're big fans of this approach, as other systems might offer more power at slower pedal speeds, but the SX motor encourages a more efficient, faster pedalling speed. This not only is better for your knees but also boosts your cardio fitness.

It still features the 4 usual Bosch power settings to toggle through mid-ride, from the gentle support of ECO, then TOUR, AUTO, and through to the dynamic power of TURBO.

It’s Smart – Bosch Smart System

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Fully loaded with the latest Bosch Smart System tech, this bike makes the most of the smartphone in your pocket. It's a fully connected safety and security system, complete with Mapping, Integrated Lock, Alarm system, and GPS tracker (with an upgrade Connect Module), among other features. For more details, check out our Bosch Smart System video here: CLICK

Any Range Anxiety

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While the skinny battery is only 400wh, the system's efficiency can provide up to 55 miles range. Add on the 250wh POWERMORE range extender battery (available as an extra), and you could expect up to 85 miles if cruising in ECO. Stay tuned for more updates in our full ride review.

Flat Bar or Drop Bar

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Most gravel bikes are traditionally designed with drop bars, but as the category expands, there's a noticeable shift towards flat bars for added control and comfort. With eBike gravel models, being in an aero position becomes less critical, making the flat bar versions of the new Dimanche increasingly popular.

Fast and Comfortable

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With vibration damping forks, anti-shock stem, suspension seat post, flex seat-stays, and big 50mm tyres all working in harmony, you're in for a fast and smooth ride.

OK, let’s dive deeper into that comfort tech…

Carbon Forks with Built in Comfort

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Not only is carbon lightweight, but it's also exceptional for integrating comfort into your ride. A closer look reveals that the forks are chunky and stiff at the top for precise control and strength, then taper off to allow flex where it's most beneficial. The outcome is a comfortable, agile, and lightweight system, built to endure off-road adventures.

Drop Seat-Stays

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The frame is engineered to be stiff under power for optimal pedalling and motor efficiency, with skinny dropped seat stays added for vertical flex to the back wheel, enhancing comfort and control.

Antishock Stem

We're observing some innovative comfort technology being introduced to the Gravel bike world. While a full suspension fork mitigates major impacts but adds weight, here we have a flex damper in the handlebar stem that eliminates vibrations for a smoother ride. This feature will be particularly appreciated on gravel tracks or our rough tarmac roads.

Suspension & Dropper Seatpost in One

Here's another significant upgrade; the Dimanche features the new EXA860i model from performance seat-post brand KS, boasting both suspension and dropper functions. Set your seat in a higher position for efficient pedalling dynamics, then drop it 75mm to a lower position for technical off-road challenges. Or, when approaching a road junction, lower the saddle to easily sit with a foot planted firmly on the ground.

Step Through or Step Over

It's exciting to see Moustache offering this bike in two frame styles. The Open frame, with its very low top tube, doesn't compromise its sporty stance, which I really appreciate.

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Shimano Cues LinkDrive Gear system

On the flat bar Gravel 2 version, you'll discover the brand new Shimano Cues gear system, boasting a wider range of gears. The highlight here is Shimano's LinkGlide technology, featuring a heavy-duty chain built to last longer, especially on eBikes, and a new tooth profile on the rear cassette for smoother shifting. Hats off to Shimano.

3 Models to choose

  1. The 29.2 is the Flat bar version, also available with mudguards, lights, rack, and kickstand.
  2. 29.4 The drop handle bar features Sram 12 speed Apex Gears. Also available with mudguards, lights, rack and a kickstand.
  3. 29.6 Drop Bar with the latest SRAM Apex AXS wireless electronic gear change system

How Light is it?

The range runs from around 18-19kg, we will confirm once arrived and we can check. That’s around a saving of 6/7 kg over a Leisure / Trekking style eBike.

Is a lightweight always better?

No. Before eBikes, lightweight was the sign of quality and performance. Picking a bike up to see what it weighs is still something a cyclist is inbred to do. With eBikes, it’s different. With a powerful motor, you don’t need lightweight to provide speed and acceleration. A heavier bike can be more rugged and stable, and has a greater carrying capacity and range. The Moustache X-Road range still sits as the benchmark for the most complete all-round style of bike.

Is this bike for me?

It’s perfectly suited for areas where you have a mix of tarmac and gravel road, here in the New Forest we have 100’s of miles of off-road to explore but usually linked with flowing tarmac roads linking them all together.

It will really appeal to experienced cyclists looking for a first eBike, with peak power coming at higher pedal speeds it rewards the experienced rider.

It’s great if fitness is a big priority, we think it’s a bike where you will likely select less motor power and more rider power.

If you have to regularly lift your bike up steps or onto a car rack, there’s a clear lightweight advantage.

If you just want something that feels agile and nippy, more like a regular bike.

If you regularly ride with non-eBike friends, the light power support will work well.

The benefits of a lightweight system

  • More agile
  • A sportier feel
  • Easier to lift
  • Well suited to smaller riders
  • Stealthy- smaller systems are very discreet

The disadvantages of lightweight system

  • Unfortunately, less powerful than other Bosch Performance line options, and more powerful bikes don’t always feel heavy when you ride them.
  • Peak power comes at higher pedal speed/ Cadence
  • Smaller battery = less range. (although you can add a 250w Range extender battery)
  • The bikes are stripped back, only the 29.2 Equip model has Lights, Mudguards, Rack, and Stand.

We will have the Dimanche, an innovative electric gravel bike in the UK, ready for you to try at our various store locations, including London Bridge, New Forest, Guildford, Cornwall, and Silverstone. Feel free to get in touch to book your test ride.

Look out for our first ride review coming early June 2024.

To find out more check out the new range on the Moustache brand site.

Written by Steve Kitchin