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Ergon GP3 Grips



Grip Type: Regular


Size: Large

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Ergon GP3 Grips - Regular


Enhance your cycling experience with state-of-the-art GFK Composite 3-Finger Bar Ends. Designed with both performance and comfort in mind, these bar ends are the perfect addition to your handlebars.


Key Features:

- GFK Composite Construction: Crafted from high-quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite (GFK), these bar ends offer exceptional durability and strength while remaining lightweight.
- Anti-Slip Insert: Equipped with an anti-slip insert, you can enjoy a secure grip even in wet or sweaty conditions, ensuring maximum control and confidence during your ride.
- Adjustability: The unique design allows for independent adjustment of the bar end and grip, enabling you to customize your riding position and style for optimal comfort and efficiency.
- Lightweight: Weighing just 338g per pair, these bar ends add minimal weight to your bike, preserving your bike's performance.


Upgrade your handlebars with our GFK Composite 3-Finger Bar Ends and experience the perfect blend of ergonomics and functionality on your next ride.

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