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Hövding 2.0


Hovding 2.0 - The Airbag Helmet

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The revolutionary Hövding quite literally breaks the mould of traditional cycling helmets, combining a super-comfortable 'scarf-like' collar with an airbag which, when deployed, envelops the neck, head and face, providing all-round protection and extremely soft and gentle shock absorption.


The safest alternative on the market – 8 times safer, according to studies at Stanford University, then traditional helmets when it comes to rotational violence to the brain.

Shock absorption – 3 times better when it comes to shock absorption compared to traditional helmets

Stabilizes the neck – reduces the risk of whiplash injuries

Lifespan – approximately 6 to 8 years compared to the old helmets which lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Freedom – feel the wind in the hair

Comfortable – no plastic helmet on the head

Crash replacement program – if you are in an injury you´ll get a new Hövding for 119 pounds

How does it work?

The clever Hövding monitors a rider’s movements more than 200 times per second, its clever algorithms understanding the difference between ‘normal riding’ and an accident event, where the airbag will be deployed to protect the neck, head and face.

Watch the Hövding in action!


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