Bosch launch Active Line Plus and ABS for eBikes
Bosch launch Active Line Plus and ABS for eBikes

Bosch launch Active Line Plus and ABS for eBikes

Bosch have recently been rolling out a number of updates for the upcoming 2018 Bosch eBike System line. We thought it would be helpful to focus on two of the most significant so far, the addition of the Active Line Plus to the range and the first Anti-lock Braking System for eBikes. We will look at other additions in upcoming blog posts.

The Bosch ABS System (Anti-Lock Braking System)

The Bosch Accident Research Division has for a while been looking at ways of reducing the dangers to people using eBikes. One of the major issues facing eBike riders are the speeds at which they travel and therefore the strain put on the brakes, frame and other parts of a bike. This is one reason that Fully Charged does not stock conversion kits, if a bike has not been made for eBiking it often is not fit for the stresses and strains the increased power and speed an electric motor exerts.

After studying over 500 bicycle accidents in Germany Bosch’s team concluded that 20% of the time cyclists fell trying to avoid the accident, usually because of incorrect braking procedure. Bosch’s ABS system looks to remedy this by monitoring the speed of both wheels and then, when there is severe braking, preventing the effects of severe front wheel lock. This in turn stop the back wheel kicking up and lessens the chance of the rider going over the handle bars.

Bosch has for a long time been a company synonymous with quality and safety and this latest innovation really exemplifies this, showing a commitment to reducing cycling accidents and making their riders safer.

The Bosch Active Line Plus

As well as carrying out a complete overhaul of the Bosch Active Line for 2018 Bosch have also announced the launch of an entirely new model, the Active Line Plus. This model combines the reliability of the original Active Line with an increase in torque giving it a sportier feel.

The weight of the motor is also significantly reduced on models from previous years, weighing in at just over 3kg (the Active Line is down to just 2.8kg). The motor also integrates into the bike in a far more seamless fashion, this combined with better pedal integration provides for an even more seamless ride experience.

So what does it cost? Well that depends on the bike it is integrated with. However, generally speaking, the Active Line Plus will occupy a price point between the Active Line and the Performance systems making it perfect for touring riders who want a bit more power than the average rider but don’t need the all out force of the Performance range.

The Bosch ABS will be available from Autumn 2018 onwards. The Active Line Plus will be available early 2018.

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