eBikes Under £2000 - The Gateway eBike
eBikes Under £2000 - The Gateway eBike

eBikes Under £2000 - The Gateway eBike

The sub £2000 eBike category is a highly searched area of the eBike market. We bring our four top choices from the category to this blog post.

eBikes Under £2000

At Fully Charged, we appreciate spending £2000+ on a new technology can be quite daunting. If you’re not already a cyclist, you may see cycle-commuting every day rain or shine as a bit of a chore - a sentiment mirrored by many. Once you’re behind the bars of an eBike, all of this changes: pulling away from the lights becomes a doddle, hills are flattened and a solid pannier rack removes the sweaty rucksack from your back! No longer will you be crammed into a train carriage with the rest of the non-cycling crowd, rain or shine.

With differing levels of motor technology, the entry level price for a Bosch powered eBike will be around the £2000 mark. For this price, you can expect Bosch’s Active Line motor (or equivalent from other manufacturers) combined with around a 400Wh battery (20-90 miles assisted travel. Conditions, assistance level and rider dependent).

We’re confident that within a year of living with your eBike, you’ll see the benefits and maybe even think of upgrading to something with a bit more torque, battery capacity, or both! For now, we’ll stick to the eBikes under £2000 - the gateway eBike...

Moustache Samedi 28.1 - £1899

Opening the line-up is Moustache’s Samedi 28.1. Synonymous with comfort and practicality, the 28.1 comes straight out of the box with everything you may need. The 250W Bosch Active Line motor combined with a 400Wh Bosch Power Pack will enable you to navigate your commute without the dreaded ‘range anxiety’! The touches on Moustache eBikes really distinguish them from other brands, from the metal tubular mudguards to the Ortlieb QL3 mounting system integrated on to the rear rack.

Coming in two styles - low step and crossbar, the Samedi 28.1 is an easy and accessible eBike to ride. Whether you are commuting in your suit and don't want to lunge over a crossbar, or you have been riding crossbar eBike all your life. Either style is incredibly comfortable, and under £2000!

Arguably the integrated PowerTube battery feature of the 28.2 produces cleaner lines and future proofs the eBike to a greater extent. In our opinion, if you are going for a first eBike, £500 makes a noticeable difference and the 28.1 will keep you under the £2k mark!

Haibike sDuro Trekking 1.0 - £1999

The second Bosch powered eBike in our under £2000 line-up, this time with a slightly more powerful motor. The Active Line Plus features 50Nm of torque, 10 more than the Active Line, so for those of you carrying more equipment, or with a slightly hillier route, this could be the motor for you. The geometry of the Trekking range is relaxed with an upright feel. Haibike want this eBike to feel as comfortable on a five day tour as it would commuting five miles. The Trekking range also comes in closed and low-step frame. The latter making mounting and dismounting the eBike incredibly easy!

Equipment wise, the Trekking 1.0 features all the bells and whistles you may expect on a bike built for long distance riding: rear rack, mudguards, comfort grips and front and rear integrated lights.

Raleigh Stow-e-Way - £1350

A staple of the Fully Charged line up for a good few years now, the Stow-e-Way has been a consistently popular. Our entry level eBike may be low in price, but it is a smashing gateway eBike for those in the city. With its simple folding mechanism, removable battery and autonomy of up to 35 miles, this is a great eBike for those with limited storage capacity. Powering the Stow-e-Way is a 250W Tranz-X hub motor - comfortably aiding you while pulling away at the lights, or tackling the final hill before you get home! We’d be confident in saying that after a year of riding the Stow-e-Way, you’d see the value in upgrading to a Gocycle GX!

Haibike sDuro Hardseven 1.0 - £1799

Those looking for a bit of assistance back up the trail, without the need for mudguards, rack or integrated lights - look no further than the Haibike sDuro Hardseven 1.0. This entry level hard-tail eMTB is powered by Yamaha’s PW-SE motor. Kicking out 70Nm of torque, the PW-SE has a cadence range up to 110rpm and feels like it wants to fly you back up the hill.

With the Hardseven 1.0 being a hardtail eMTB, geometry and style are all focussed on getting the best out of your ride. A riser bar, combined with 27 inch wheelset and Suntour XCM forks with 120mm travel provides all the necessities for trail riding, solidifying it as a smashing entry level eMTB for under £2000!

Written by Will