Haibike 2018 electric bike range full specs
Haibike 2018 electric bike range full specs

Haibike 2018 electric bike range full specs

After the launch of the new range in Germany last week, Haibike have now released the specs for their entire 2018 ebike range. They included detailed information of the new sDuro and xDuro bike specs and how the different eBikes within the range compare.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding these to our site for you to be able to compare and preorder. However we thought that you might like to see all the details in one place now so we have created the PDF below with all the details included.

View the Haibike 2018 Range in full

We hope to have the new Haibike 2018 range in stock as early as October this year so if there are particular bikes that you would like as soon as possible please give us a call on 0207 111 0977.

An Overview of the Haibike 2018 range

As we explained in our previous article on the subject, the Haibike 2018 range sees a huge amount of updates and improvements. The sDuro Yamaha range sees the addition of the PW SE range in between the PW and PW-X. While the xDuro Bosch range sees improvements to all of the additions of a new eMtb mode for the Performance CX and the Powertube 500 which allows more power to be stored and can be charged in as little as 3 hours. The Powertube 500 also integrates far better into a bikes frame, making it more protected.

Our personal highlight from the specs are the new 2018 Haibike Carbon bikes that feature fully carbon frames and carbon components such as carbon brake levers and carbon handlebars alongside the Bosch Performance CX Motor and Bosch Nyon display. Every year looking at these models offers a glimpse into the future of eBike technology.

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