What is the difference between the Gocycle G2 and Gocycle G3 electric bike?
What is the difference between the Gocycle G2 and Gocycle G3 electric bike?

What is the difference between the Gocycle G2 and Gocycle G3 electric bike?

With the launch of the Gocycle G3 scheduled for the 1st March we thought this would be a good time to provide you with a break down of the differences between the Gocycle G2 and Gocycle G3 so those of you that already own a G2 can decided whether or not it is the right time to upgrade your eBike.

To buy or find out the full details about the G3 please visit our Gocycle G3 eBike page.

Please note that this is just the information that we have at the time of writing and that we will update this post with further specs when more information is released.

A Bigger Range

The Gocycle G2 had a range of 20-30 miles. This was pretty good for getting about town but often we found that some users wished there was a little bit more left in the tank. Gocycle have listened carefully and as a result of increasing the capacity of their Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery by 25% and including a new battery management system with improved charge and sleep management they have been able to increase this range to 50 miles, 10 miles more than the G2.

Improved Wheel Locking

Being able to take the wheels off the G2 to store or fold the bike was a major plus point but putting them back into place sometimes proved a bit fiddly. On the G3, Gocycle have included their new patented Hexlock system than with a single click locks the wheels into place making it easier to know your wheels are safely attached.

Daytime Running Light

One of the coolest new features of the G3 is the new Daytime Running Light or (DRL) this uses Gocycle’s patented light pipe tech to make the eBike more visible to other road users during the day and night. It also adds and even more stylish element to the Gocycle dashboard that makes the eBike look stunning at night.

Ergonomic Grips

Some G2 owners have complained about the quality of the G2’s grip’s and how the power shift system is operated. Gocycle as a response have built the G3 with new ergonomic grips with integrated two way rotary shifters for up down gear shifting, on-demand power, and DRL control. This makes gear shifting and changing the power assist level on the G3 easier than on the G2 and the handlebars more comfortable.

The New GocycleConnect App

We don’t know a huge amount about the new GocycleConnect App yet. However what we do know makes us excited. The app has a new flat look and feel and provides calory and fuel saving information about each ride that you take, along with weather forecasts so you don’t get caught out in the rain.

Other Smaller Changes

There are a whole host of other small changes as well these include:

  • Better concealment of the light cables
  • Improved brake levers
  • An integrated seat tube collar
  • A kickstand tab to make it easier to deploy
  • High quality sealed bearing pedals
  • A new integrated steerer and stem adjuster, improving ease of fork-to-steerer alignment and service.
  • Anti chain-slap for reducing noise when the gocycle is transported on its side.
  • Oring to stop shock plunger moving making folding easier.
  • Moulded in feature for easier battery charger seal to prevent rubber seal from ejecting charger plug.
  • Larger lower fork section for easier service of motor controller subassembly.
  • Integrated seat clamp component for improved clamping.
  • Dash extended for seamless look and dash rings removed.

Additional Internal Improvements

  • High Quality Japanese bearings
  • Imporved fitting hub cap
  • New and Larger Motor heatsink
  • Packing instructions on box
  • Torx drive fasteners on stem upper
  • Motor vibration mounts looser for easier installation
  • Gearbox bearing arrangement improved for imporved service life
  • Crank wave washers reduced to one part
  • Pivot back plate adjusted for imporved service life
  • Dash sticker size increased to prevent fretting
  • Pedal rpm magnet removed

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